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For more information about these resources, email or call 713.744.8136.

407-1953d-math-staar-work-stations-vol-1-gr-8-covMATHEMATICS STAAR® WORKSTATIONS
A short playlist of activities to complement your workstations library.
Have you used and reused your workstations library of activities? With each volume, you can add eight sets of workstation activities to your library. Each volume is its own review playlist of mathematics TEKS that continue to present learning challenges. Each set of workstation activities includes a content review, a literacy component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR®. Each workstation fits within a file folder and is designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding. Available in three distinct volumes for grades 3–8 and Algebra I, and in Spanish for grades 3–5. $35 per volume and grade level.


407-1808-engaging-math-grade-3-front-cover-webENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME II
Warming up, working collaboratively, supporting retention, or formatively assessing - your choice!
An excellent fit for any phase of your lesson! Over 90 engaging activities offer students opportunities to show the mathematics that they know and understand. While they work, you can listen to learn what they know, what they are still learning, and what academic language they use with ease. Available for grades 2–8 and Algebra I, and in Spanish for grades 2–5. English: $50 per grade level / Spanish: $75 per grade level.    ORDER ONLINE  | Download a sample


closing-the-distance-cover-gr3-407-1864CLOSING THE DISTANCE
A review that actually reviews!
Looking for an intervention resource that has more substance than a collection of practice problems? Looking to have your students talk about the mathematics they know and that they need to remember? This resource is for you! Each of the ten 5 E sequences of activities is designed to get your students thinking and talking while self-assessing and reflecting on their understanding. Each 5 E sequence includes a preassessment and small-group intervention frameworks so that you and your students can gauge what mathematics needs a refresh. Available in for grades 2–8 and Algebra I and in Spanish for grade 5, with grades 3 and 4 coming soon. English: $50 per grade level. / Spanish: $75 per grade level.
ORDER ONLINE using the links below.     Download a sample
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Algebra 1


407-1831-aiamodule-2-cover-webACCELERATED INTERVENTION, ALGEBRA I
When time is short and needs are great, this resource provides focused acceleration of learning and relearning.

How do we reteach students who have already experienced all the interventions we have to offer? How do we focus learning on targeted areas of need when students have already received instruction? We take a deeper dive into the mathematics with a narrower focus. Each module in this series has three lessons that offer these deep dives. Each module also has a fourth lesson that brings understanding to the surface by connecting the mathematics learned and relearned in the first three lessons. Available in four modules. $25 per module.



  • Module 1: Functions and Their Representations (Sample)
  • Module 2: Describing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions (Sample)
  • Module 3: Describing and Graphing Linear Functions and Equations (Sample)
  • Module 4: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities  (Sample)

Core Content TEKS-Aligned Instruction

Quality TEKS-Aligned Offerings Focused on Improving Student Outcomes
Strong instruction is the foundation of great classrooms.  These highlighted sessions offer in-depth training opportunities for both general and special education teachers interested in ensuring TEKS-aligned, quality instruction to meet the needs of all learners within the core content areas.


For more information, contact Sharon Benson, Ed.D., Mathematics |  713.744.8136


Math that Sticks


Search these terms online or click here for a full calendar of upcoming professional learning opportunities from Region 4 Mathematics.



Integrated Core Content

Teaching Engaging Academics and Motivating for Success (T.E.A.M.S.) that Win: Effective Practices for Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners:  this is a 3-day series that applies Universal Design for Learning and the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) frameworks to content-specific TEKS instruction and classroom design and includes the following specializations:



Instructional Coaching Sessions
Equipping coaches to partner with teachers and improve teaching and learning

Coaches will engage with tools and other coaches to reflect on how to facilitate effective, meaningful, and timely coaching cycles within their campus or district. Each of our core academic departments offer customized coaching supports through their academic areas, including the following session options:

Working with the Adult Learner  |  January 22, 2019
Planning and Conducting Effective Professional Development to Improve Instructional Capacity  |  February 7, 2019
Other sessions (dates TBA)
  • Coaching to Impact Mathematics Instruction
  • Coaching Teachers of ELLs
  • Foundations Revisited for Experienced Coaches
  • The Foundations of Instructional Coaching for Increasing Teacher Capacity


To set up instructional coaching at your campus or district, contact Sharon Benson, Ed.D., Mathematics | 713.744.8136




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