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Digital Learning

Shifting beyond Traditional Classroom Instruction

Region 4’s Digital Learning team provides services that support best practice usage of technology to impact student learning and engagement. 

  • Instructional design for online content
  • LMS migration support
  • Technology Integration Coaching – Meeting the Needs of ALL Students
  • Online Learning4Students and the TEA Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN)
    • Region 4 offers flexible, TEKS- aligned online courses for high school students that may not be available on campus, including the following content areas:
      • AP Latin
      • American Sign Language
      • Chinese
      • Computer Science
      • AP Macro Economics
      • AP Psychology
      • AP Statistics
    • Graduation credit is available.  Learn more here.
  • Topic-specific sessions offered by the Digital Learning department:
    • Makerspaces:  It’s Elementary
    • Get Going with Google Apps!
    • Personalizing the Classroom
    • Out with the Traditional Classroom
    • Using Coding to Enhance Literacy and Language
    • Classroom in a Blender
    • The Power of STEAM Challenges
    • Out with Traditional Classroom Management, In with Gamification!
    • Supporting English Language Development with Stop-motion Animation


Key Contact: Richard Armand | 713.744.6819

Region 4’s Videoconference Network has become a solution that serves area students and educators by providing access to exceptional academic and professional development programs. The Videoconference Network provides an environment which overcomes barriers to education caused by time and physical distance. Distance learning opportunities are provided by two-way videoconference technology that allow regional and global access to educational networks and virtual “field trips”.
Key Contact: Marcy Kay Harris | 713.744.4429




Learn more about Region 4 services using the links below:


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7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708