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Region 4 Assessment Resources are trusted by thousands of teachers throughout the state of Texas to help them increase student achievement every year. Learn more about our core content resources using the links below:

For more information about these resources, or to set up customized professional development, contact


407-2024-eng-math-vol-1-grade-2-te-coverdraft-1ENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME 1 - NEW!

Warming up, working collaboratively, supporting retention, or formatively assessing—your choice!
The Engaging Mathematics Volume I series provides meaningful activities and problem-solving situations that can be used as warm-ups, engage activities for teacher-developed lessons, support for retention of skills and concepts, or short formative assessments. Included are hands-on activities, rigorous problem-solving situations, vocabulary development activities, and writing prompts. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) student expectations are addressed in a variety of formats.


Volume I is an updated version of the original Engaging Mathematics series. Each activity has been aligned to its corresponding grade-level TEKS, and some new activities have been added to each grade level. Volume I serves as a complement to Volume II.


Currently available for grades 1-6, and Algebra II. $45 each.

Kindergarten, Grade 7, 8, Algebra I, and Geometry all coming soon. 


ORDER ONLINE  |  Download a sample.


407-1812-eng-math-grade-5-front-cover-finalENGAGING MATHEMATICS, VOLUME 2
An excellent fit for any phase of your lesson! More than 90 engaging activities offer students opportunities to show the mathematics that they know and understand. While they work, you can listen to learn what they know, what they are still learning, and what academic language they use with ease. Available for grades 2–8 and Algebra I and in Spanish for grades 2–5.

English: $50 each. | Spanish: $75 each.  ORDER ONLINE Download a sample

A short playlist of activities to complement your workstations library.
Have you used and reused your workstations library of activities? With each volume, you can add eight sets of workstation activities to your library. Each volume is its own review playlist of mathematics TEKS that continue to present learning challenges. Each set of workstation activities includes a content review, a literacy component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR®. Each workstation fits within a file folder and is designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding. Available in three distinct volumes for grades 3–8 and Algebra I, and in Spanish for grades 3–5. $35 per volume and grade level.
View all of Region 4's Mathematics resources here.





Improving students’ comprehension of informational text and composition of expository essays.

Show Me How’s sequential lessons, which follow the gradual release of responsibility instructional framework, connect the interrelated roles of reading and writing. Its mentor texts teach strategies and skills that students can apply to both reading and writing expository texts. Available for grades 3–5 and grades 6–7 | $350 per grade set. ORDER ONLINE

Download sample pages:  Grades 3–5   Grades 6 and 7



Deepen understanding of poetry through reading and writing.

This resource focuses on connecting the interrelated roles of reading and writing in poetry. Teachers will use poetry as mentor texts to teach strategies and skills that students apply in their reading and writing. The sessions follow the gradual release of responsibility framework in the context of a reading and writing workshop environment. Sessions are divided into units that teachers can use as a starting point or complete unit of study. $125.  ORDER ONLINE
  | Download a sample.



STAAR preparation series for reading and English end-of-course assessments.

This resource incorporates multigenre pieces, thematically linked to seamlessly align to the STAAR platform for assessments. Each module is creatively crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection, offering added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening, speaking, and study skills. STELLAR provides relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and gifted and talented students and includes summative and formative assessment options and suggestions for extensions that support authentic literacy experiences. Available for grades 4–8 and English I–III. $50 per grade level.

ORDER ONLINE  | Samples  




Explore multigenre modules linked to seamlessly align with high school writing assessments.
Modules are crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection, offering added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening, and speaking. STELLAR Essay Writing provides relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and includes suggestions for extensions that support authentic writing experiences.$100 per copy.  ORDER ONLINE |  Download a sample




View all of Region 4's Reading/Language Arts resources here.





sml-460-1827-wuts-grade-8-front-coverWARM UP TO SCIENCE: TEKS-BASED ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES

A formative assessment item for every student expectation, and then some.
The perfect fit for any lesson, these warm-ups can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson to check for understanding. Warm Up to Science saves you time, allowing you to focus on understanding what your students know. Pique their interest, cause them ask to why, and make them want to learn more! Discover what they know, listen for misconceptions, and informally assess their levels of knowledge all on the sly. Your students won’t even realize they’re working! Available for grades 3–8, biology, and chemistry, and in Spanish for grades 3–5. $75 per grade level. 


ORDER ONLINE  | Download samples  |  Video Overview



stem35-1STEMulating Design Challenges in Science NEW! 
Incorporate Real-World Issues in the Science Classroom
STEMulating Design Challenges in Science is your guide to design challenges with background knowledge on the necessary skills and concepts needed to help students prepare for the future. This book covers the basic components of a STEM classroom along with how to implement the engineering design process to successfully complete design challenges. It also covers how to use an engineering notebook and provides teachers with facilitation questions and sentence stems to help support student growth and achievement.


Currently available for K-2 and Grades 3-5. Each grade band has four design challenges that

  • are aligned to the TEKS,
  • may include a budget component,
  • include reproducible masters and sample rubrics, and
  • encourage students to think about real-world issues.





Your partner for pedagogy.

Region 4 Science has turned their top workshops into guides for you to use in your classroom. Designed to assist educators in the development of best practices specific to the science classroom, these strategies are effective whether a teacher is using Gateways to Science or other resources. 


460-1850-interactive-notebooks-front-coverCompanion Guide for Interactive Notebooks

- Illustrates the progression of K‒12 interactive notebooks and how to scaffold for different grades
- Includes templates to facilitate the implementation and management of interactive notebooks in the classroom
- Provides clarity for assessing interactive notebooks
To learn how to gauge engagement, watch this informative product video!

r4scilitCompanion Guide for Literacy Strategies

- Incorporates reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the science classroom
- Clearly explains pre-reading, during-reading, and after-reading strategies
- Provides editable templates and examples to support easy implementation
- To learn how literacy is like driving, watch this product video!
View all of Region 4's Science resources here.




Interactive activities for U.S. history that can be used before, during, or after initial instruction.

This resource includes tools for teachers to use in preparing students for the U.S. History End-of-Course (EOC) exam. $75 per volume. $125 for the two-volume bundle.  


Download samples:  Volume 1 Volume 2







Interactive activities for American history that can be used before, during, or after initial instruction.
Engage students in, enhance retention of, and formatively assess mastery of American history content. This resource contains 144 classroom-ready activities for immediate student involvement as well as alternative instruction, support for struggling learners, and extensions for advanced learners.$50 per part, $80 per bundle.  ORDER ONLINE
Download samples: Part 1  | Part 2


5Es over World Cultures Social Studies STAAR® Preparation for Grade 6, Volume 15ES OVER WORLD CULTURES, VOLUME 1 NEW!
Teach students to think about World Cultures through a conceptual lens!
This resource offers 50+ instructional routines, all aligned to the streamlined TEKS, in a two volume set to support Grade 6 World Cultures content through a conceptual approach. 5 Es over World Cultures provides instructional activities using a 5E Model and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress.
Volume 1 is currently available. Volume 2 is coming soon.
$50 per volume. ORDER ONLINE   |  Download a sample.



5es-over-america-cover(1)5 Es OVER AMERICA
Teach students to think about American history like a historian–through an inquiry-based approach!

This resource offers 30+ instructional routines to support content assessed on the Grade 8 Social Studies STAAR®5 Es over America provides instructional activities and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress.

$50.  ORDER ONLINE  |  Download a sample




5es-over-texas-cover-web(1)5 Es OVER TEXAS

Teach students to think about Texas History like a historian–through an inquiry-based approach!
This resource offers 30+ instructional routines to support Texas History content and address foundational components assessed on the Grade 8 Social Studies STAAR®. 5 Es over Texas provides instructional activities and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress. $50 per copy.   ORDER ONLINE   |  Download a sample




View all of Region 4's Social Studies resources here.


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