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Progress in the General Curriculum (PGC)


This program is responsible for organizing and conducting professional development and technical support that facilitates students with disabilities gaining access to a curriculum and instruction based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the least restrictive environment. This program also facilitates planning and implementation of the statewide Progress in the General Curriculum (PGC) Leadership Function for Texas.


Access to the General Curriculum Institute

Training Flyers

T. E. A. M. S. that Win!

National Presenters

Transition (coming soon)




Marilyn Friend Session: Co-Teach and SDI
Individual Education Program (IEP) Annual Goal Development: Q and A document

Working with Paraprofessionals: A Resource for Educators of Students with Disabilities

Specially Designed Instruction: A Resource for Teachers

Copy of Weekly Lesson Plan for Co-Teaching

Co-Teaching, A How-to Guide: Guidelines for Co-Teaching in Texas



Come join us on July 9–10, 2019 for our Institute. For more information, go to

Session ID: 1295262



Kirsten Omelan, Ph.D.
Cynthia Barrett, Ph.D.
Jane Georges

Ashley Jackson

Townsley Tayebianpour
7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708