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Accelerated Learning Resources

accelerated-hq-instructionalHigh Quality Instructional Materials

The motivation for providing effective instructional materials and implementation strategies takes on added significance in the current context of learning and achievement loss during the pandemic, known as the “COVID-19 slide.” To engage in accelerated learning, all students must have access to high quality, grade-level instructional materials that align with and complement state standards. Moreover, these materials should be accessible for in-person, online, and hybrid instructional modalities.


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407-1880-front-cover-webClosing the Distance

Looking for an intervention resource that has more substance than a collection of practice problems? Looking to have your students talk about the mathematics they know and that they need to remember? This resource is for you! Each of the ten 5 E sequences of activities is designed to get your students thinking and talking while self-assessing and reflecting on their understanding. Each 5 E sequence includes a preassessment and small-group intervention framework so that you and your students can gauge what mathematics needs a refresh. Available for grades 2–8 and Algebra I. Also available in Spanish for grade 5, with grades 3 and 4 coming soon. ORDER ONLINE using the links below.



407-1831-aiamodule-2-cover-webAccelerated Intervention, Algebra I
How do we reteach students who have already experienced all the interventions we have to offer? How do we focus learning on targeted areas of need when students have already received instruction? We take a deeper dive into the mathematics with a narrower focus. Each module in this series has three lessons that offer these deep dives. Each module also has a fourth lesson that brings understanding to the surface by connecting the mathematics learned and relearned in the first three lessons. ORDER ONLINE


  • Module 1: Functions and Their Representations (Sample)
  • Module 2: Describing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions (Sample)
  • Module 3: Describing and Graphing Linear Functions and Equations (Sample)
  • Module 4: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities  (Sample)


407-2024-eng-math-vol-1-grade-2-te-coverdraft-1407-1812-eng-math-grade-5-front-cover-finalEngaging Mathematics, Volumes 1 and 2

The Engaging Mathematics series provides meaningful activities and problem-solving situations that can be used as warm-ups, engagement activities for teacher-developed lessons, support for retention of skills and concepts, or short formative assessments. Included are hands-on activities, rigorous problem-solving situations, vocabulary development activities, and writing prompts. TEKS student expectations are addressed in a variety of formats.  Volume 1 is available for Kindergarten, grades 1–7, Algebra II, and Geometry. Volume 2 is available for grades 2–8 and Algebra I and in Spanish for grades 2–5. Grade 8 and Algebra I coming soon for Volume 1. Order by volume here:  Volume 1 |  Volume 2


View more of Region 4's Mathematics resources here.







reading-by-design-501-1957-cover-webReading by Design
Reading by Design: An Individualized Literacy Intervention is a systematic, multisensory approach aligned with research-based practices for developing literacy. This intervention follows an intensive, explicit, and cumulative design for remediation of reading and writing skills at all grade levels. This comprehensive program addresses the following components: phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, six syllable types, written spelling patterns, morphology, syntax, reading fluency, and comprehension. Progress monitoring and review lessons are embedded throughout the program to inform student progress and promote reading and writing automaticity. Reading by Design may be used with students in kindergarten through grade 12 in a small, homogeneous group setting (teacher training required). For more information, visit the dedicated Reading by Design page.

Reading and Writing Learning Progressions
Need a way to spot potential student learning gaps? Reading comprehension and written composition are reciprocal processes. Explicit instruction that integrates reading and writing supports an enhanced literacy experience. Each of these skills develop through a learning progression taught in first-time instruction or revisited through intervention. Region 4 offers these two guidebooks to help teachers identify where their students are in the continuum of reading and writing. And, importantly, these guidebooks provide information on where teachers should take their instruction to help students progress positively along that continuum.


Reading Guidebook: Pathways to Reading Comprehension

This resource is a guidebook for reading, with a focus on students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Developed to be concise and compact, Pathways to Reading Comprehension provides teachers easy-to-use instructional targets in the areas of phonological awareness, word analysis, levels of fluency, facets of vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Each section features a continuum on the development of the skill, which provides guidance on where to begin instruction and how to build toward effective reading comprehension. Sold as a set of 5 guidebooks.  ORDER ONLINE

Writing Guidebook: Written Composition in Motion
This teacher guidebook can be used to determine instruction and intervention targets when working with students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The areas covered in this resource include mechanics/handwriting, word study, levels of fluency, facets of vocabulary, composition, and conventions. This resource provides a continuum on the development of each skill, which guides the educator on where to begin instruction and how to build toward effective written composition. Sold as a set of 5 guidebooks.  ORDER ONLINE





sml-460-1827-wuts-grade-8-front-coverWarm Up to Science: TEKS-Based Engagement Activities
The perfect fit for any lesson, these warm-ups can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson to check for understanding. Warm Up to Science saves you time, allowing you to focus on understanding what your students know. Pique their interest, cause them to ask "Why?", and make them want to learn more! Discover what they know, listen for misconceptions, and informally assess their levels of knowledge all on the sly. Your students won’t even realize they’re working! 
Available for grades 3–8, biology, and chemistry, and in Spanish for grades 3–5.  ORDER ONLINE  | Download samples  |  Video Overview


srtgSTAAR® Review to Go, Volumes 1 and 2
Teacher-friendly review activities that involve engaging brain exercise, deep dive discussion, and hands-on hustle as students work to fine tune their knowledge and show off what they have learned. Each activity includes content review, a literacy  component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR®. Folders are designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding. Available for grades 5, 8, and biology for both volumes 1 and 2 and in Spanish for grades 4 and 5 (Volume 1). Volume 2 books consist of entirely  different TEKS than Volume 1.
 ORDER ONLINE   |  Download samples  |  Video Overview  |  Download the product flyer


View more of Region 4's Science resources here.





wutss-part-1-cover-461-1856-smallWarm Up to Social Studies: American History
Engage students in, enhance retention of, and formatively assess mastery of American history content. This resource contains 144 classroom-ready activities for immediate student involvement as well as alternative instruction, support for struggling learners, and extensions for advanced learners. Download the product flyer hereORDER ONLINE  Download samples: Part 1  | Part 2

461-1788-front-coverSupporting Achievement in U.S. History
This resource provides interactive activities for U.S. history that can be used before, during, or after initial instruction, and tools for teachers to use in preparing students for the U.S. History End-of-Course (EOC) exam. Download the product flyer here.  
ORDER ONLINE   Download samples:  Volume 1 Volume 2




* NEW * Warm Up to Social Studies: Texas History (Grade 7)warm-up-to-social-studies-grade-7-vol-1-front-covwarm-up-to-social-studies-grade-7-vol-2-cover-461

Offers student-centered engagement activities for immediate student involvement and interaction with the content from 7th grade Texas History. Arranged in chronological order by historical eras, these TEKS-based activities are designed to require 5 to 10 minutes of class time and are written with the cognitive rigor demanded by the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®). Scientifically based research supports the use of this form of frequent, conceptual exposure to enhance student understanding. 


Part 1: Natural Texas and Its People through Early Statehood   ORDER | Download Sample
Part 2: Civil War through Contemporary Texas   ORDER |  Download Sample


Mathematics Solutions
Director: Sharon Benson, Ed.D.


Reading/Language Arts Solutions
Director: Jennifer Brock, Ed.D.


Science/Social Studies Solutions
Director: Edrice Bell



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