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School Nutrition Summer Workshop



Region 4 Child Nutrition On-Line Summer Workshop 2020


Region 4 Child Nutrition Services will provide pre-recorded online professional development sessions from July 13 to August 31, 2020.


On-Line Question and Answer sessions with the Child Nutrition Specialists will be scheduled July 28-30th to discuss key topic areas. Registered participants will receive a confirmation message with a link to access the online training. Upon completion of the training participants will receive a survey by email along with a certificate of attendance.



ON-DEMAND Prerecorded online sessions:

Sessions will be available online from July 13 to August 31, 2020.  Participants must register in advance in order to receive a link to access the training.  After the session is completed, participants will be emailed a survey to provide feedback prior to receiving a certificate for professional standards. 


Virtual Summer Conference Sessions
Claiming Reimbursable Meals
This prerecorded Zoom session presents a brief overview of filing a claim for the School Nutrition Program (NSLP and SBP). Topics include working in TX-UNPS and the Accuclaim process.
Target Audience: Claim Preparers, Directors, Business Managers
Culinary Basics
Learn basic culinary skills in preparing healthy school meals. This prerecorded online training explores how to accurately weigh and measure ingredients and learn essential knife skills. Review best practices in handling fresh produce in schools. Participants will practice techniques learned during hands-on recipe preparation.   
Target Audience: Site Managers, Food Service Assistants
Eligibility Guidance Update
This prerecorded zoom session will review key points related to application packet requirements, activities prior to determining eligibility, assigning eligiblity and maintaining records. Included in this session will be updates to guidance for the upcoming school year.
Target Audience: Reviewing Officials, Directors, Supervisors 
Food Production Records
This prerecorded Zoom session offers an overview of Food Production Record (FPR) skills, including how to fill out an FPR; how to use meal documentation to support the FPR; and how to use the FPR to improve forecasting, communication, organization, and compliance. 
Target Audience: Managers, CN Staff
HACCP and Safe Practices
This prerecorded online training reviews important features of your required HACCP Plan to ensure food safety. Explore safe practices in preparation, service and delivery of healthy meals to prevent the spread of disease.
Target Audience: All CN Staff
Meal Pattern
The meal pattern portion of this prerecorded Zoom session aims to teach operators of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs the basics of the meal pattern requirements necessary to run effective and compliant programs.
Target Audience: Cashiers, Managers, CN Staff, Dietitians, Menu Planners
Smart Snacks
This prerecorded online training provides an overview of Nutrition Standards for All Foods and Beverages (aka Smart Snacks) sold in schools outside of reimbursable meals. Participants will gain an understanding of how Smart Snacks will affect a la carte sales and fundraisers as well as how to use the Smart Snacks Calculator. 
Target Auience: All CN Staff

On-Line ZOOM Question & Answer Sessions:

Join the Region 4 Child Nutrition Services Specialists for a question and answer session for the following identified topic areas from July 28-30th. Registration will be required for each session and is intended for participants who completed the on demand pre-recorded sessions and have additional questions for clarification. Registration coming soon.


Claiming Reimbursable Meals 
Eligibility Update
Food Production Records / Meal Pattern



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