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View upcoming professional development sessions by Critical Success Factor using the links below.


For more information about these workshops or using Focus and Priority School funds, please

contact or call 713.744.6344.



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Region 4 has the resources to support your summer school interventions. Instructional coaching also can be

provided to assist teachers in effective implementation of these resources. Please contact the appropriate

Region 4 director from the list below to discuss your needs.



Accountability and Leadership        Ingrid Lee 713.744.6821       
Digital Learning Richard Armand 713.744.6839
English Language Arts/Reading Dr. Jennifer Brock 713.744.6355
Mathematics Dr. Sharon Benson 713.744.6815
Response to Intervention Dr. Sharon Benson           713.744.6815
Science Anne Douglas 713.744.6375
Social Studies Dr. Jennifer Brock 713.744.6355
Special Education Dr. Ginger Gates 713.744.6586



Do You Need Intervention Resources to "Focus" on Closing the Achievement Gap?

Be aware of these upcoming deadlines!


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Be sure to make any necessary budget amendments to access Focus and Priority
school funds by July 17, 2017.
To utilize this year's available Focus and
Priority school grant funds, all purchases
must be received by September 30, 2017.


Professional Development Offerings, Ideal for Focus and Priority Schools


  bts-acs-csf1(1)Criticial Success Factor 1:

  Improve Academic Performance


Academic performance is the foundational Critical Success Factor. Through ongoing monitoring, schools can ensure that instruction is data-driven and focused on increasing the academic performance of all students. Curricular alignment is also a critical aspect of this critical success factor.

CTE: College and Career Readiness for Elementary and Middle School Counselors
Access to the General Curriculum (AGC) Institute
The Nuts and Bolts: Texas Online College and Career Readiness Resource Center

July 20

Texas College and Career Readiness Profile Planning Guide for TTIPS Schools

STEAM Conference
Paraprofessional Training
Paraprofessional Training

Individualized Support Selections




  Criticial Success Factor 2:

  Use of Quality Data to Drive Instruction


Critical Success Factor 2 emphasizes the effective use of multiple sources of disaggregated data. It is not only the use of data to drive instructional decision making that is significant but also the ongoing communication of data with others that provides the greatest opportunity for data to have a positive impact on student-learning outcomes.


Focus School Team Data Dig


  Criticial Success Factor 3:

  Increase Leadership Effectiveness


Leadership effectiveness targets the need for leadership on campus to exhibit characteristics and skills known to promote and implement positive educational change. Of the elements proven to have the greatest degree of impact on student achievement, school leadership is second only to classroom instruction.


July 5, 6, and 13 (3-day session)

Advancing Educational Leadership

School Counselors' Symposium


September 12, November 28, and February 15 (3-day session)

T-TESS Administrator Academy for Campus Leaders: Coaching Essentials


September 13, October 24, November 28, January 9, February 13, and March 20 (6-day session)

New School Counselor Academy (Elementary)


September 13 and September 19 (2-day session)
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High


September 20, November 7, January 17, and March 22 (4-day session)

Aspiring Administrator Academy


September 26, November 8, January 24, and March (4-day session)

New Principal Support Cohort


September 28

Goal Setting: Making the SMART Connection to Today's Needs
Goal Setting and Professional Development Planning to Support T-TESS and T-PESS


October 3–4 (2-day session)

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High


March 27–28 (2-day session)

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything


Individualized Support Selections


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  Criticial Success Factor 4:

  Increase Learning Time

Research promotes a three-pronged approached to increase learning time that includes the following elements: (a) increased academic learning time, (b) increased enrichment activities, and (c) increased teacher collaboration and professional development. 
August 15–16 (2-day session)
CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management

November 1

Impacting the Learning Environment


January 16

Impacting the Learning Environment


Individualized Support Selections



  Criticial Success Factor 5:

  Increase Family and Community Engagement

Family and community engagement calls for increased opportunities for input from families and the community as well as the necessity for effective communication and access to community services. Parent, family, and community involvement has a direct correlation with academic achievement and school improvement.

August 3

Involvement: School, Parents, and YOU

Individual Support Selections


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  Criticial Success Factor 6:

  Improve School Climate

The connection between school climate and student achievement has been well established in research. Indicators of a positive school climate and welcoming learning environment are increased attendance and reduced discipline referrals.
Recognizing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence
July 31
I'm Good . . . You're Good . . . We're All Good . . . Right?
Working with Different Generations in Schools
August 1516 (2-day session)
CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
August 16
Warming Up the Classroom Climate: Teacher Behaviors to Promote Positive Classroom Climate

August 30
School Counselors' Symposium

New School Counselor Academy (Elementary)
CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
September 28
Teamwork: Bringing It Together


  Criticial Success Factor 7:

  Increase Teacher Quality

Teacher quality focuses on the need to recruit and retain effective teachers while supporting and enhancing the knowledge and skills of current staff with job-embedded professional learning. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and campuses can have a direct impact on student achievement through the effective implementation of a comprehensive teacher-quality program.
Behavior-Based Interviewing: A Guide for Hiring the Right Teachers
August 29 or September 18
T-TESS New Teacher Orientation

November 1

Impacting the Learning Environment


January 16

Impacting the Learning Environment



Individualized Support Selections
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