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Region 4 STAAR® Science

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wuts-cover-imageWarm Up to Science

Formative science assessment for grades 4–8 biology and chemistry

Warm Up to Science offers student-centered engagement activities for immediate student involvement. Scientific research supports the use of this form of frequent conceptual exposure to enhance student understanding.


Activities are designed to require 5–10 minutes of class time and are written with the cognitive rigor demanded by the TEKS. Students must use critical-thinking skills as they are presented with content-specific activities or with visual stimuli, including charts, graphs, and tables. $75 per grade level. Digital access to the entire resource is available with purchase.


* Available in Spanish for Grade 5





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Grade 3
Gr.5 Spanish 460-1903C   Grade 8 460-1827C
Grade 4
Grade 6 460-1803C   Biology 460-1845C

Grade 5


Grade 7


  Chemistry 460-1825C







staar-review-to-go-5--8-bio0imageSTAAR Review to Go, Volumes 1 and 2

Highlight important concepts tested on STAAR® in a memorable and hands-on manner that allows students to focus on specific areas of need.

What is STAAR Review to Go?
  • Student-friendly review activities, each focused on a single TEKS assessed on STAAR®
  • Designed to fit in a file folder to create a convenient and engaging review resource
  • Each folder can be completed in 15-30 minutes in any order or combination
  • Flexible and adaptable for whole class, pull out groups, or one-on-one review sessions
  • Easy to use and implement, even with non-science tutors


$75 per grade level. * Available in Spanish for Grade 5, Volumes 1 and 2






To download a free sample, click the product ID below:


Volume 1

Grade 5

Grade 5 (Spanish) Grade 8 Biology
460-1853 460-1904C 460-1854 460-1855


Volume 2

Grade 5     

Grade 5 (Spanish)        Grade 8        Biology       







460-1610-kindergarten-te-cover-smallGateways to Science, STAAR Edition, Kindergarten

The student readers support the hands-on lessons, engage students in science content, and support literacy in the content area. Each student reader contains text and pictures to explain and reinforce the learning that will take place during the lessons. Each Gateways to Science STAAR Edition, Kindergarten kit includes the following:

  • Teacher Edition
  • 14 Student Readers (3 copies of each title), designed to be used in conjunction with the lesson activities for maximum experience and success in science
  • Photo Card Library, designed for use with lessons and facilitating class discussion. Instructions are included in specific activities.

Student readers are designed for use in conjunction with lesson activities for maximum experience and success in science. The full-color photo card library included in the kit is for use with lessons and for facilitating class discussion. Instructions are included. $600 per kit.






Click here to download a free product sample. Product ID: 460-1611K.  



gateways-grade-7gateways-grade-3gateways-grade-2Gateways to Science, STAAR Edition, Grades 1–8

A comprehensive science program directly aligned to the 2010 TEKS

Providing core lessons and assessments for an entire year of instruction, Gateways to Science takes a focused approach to provide the instructional time necessary for the development and mastery of specific TEKS concepts and processes.


Each 5 E instructional model lesson engages students through rich hands-on learning experiences, addresses diverse learning styles through a variety of strategies and assessment methods, and emphasizes reflective learning through science notebooks. Lesson and unit assessments provide data to monitor and track student progress.






Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Class Set
Student Ed.
Sample Link Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample


  • Class Set: $1,100 per grade level (includes 1 Teacher Edition, and 20 Student Editions).
  • Teacher/Student Set: $300 per grade level (one Teacher Edition and one Student Edition)
  • Individual Student Editions for grades 1–8 available for $50 each.  



gateways-biology-460-1505Gateways to Biology

Gateways to Biology utilizes a less-is-more approach that maximizes opportunity for student learning of the specific concepts and processes mandated by the 2010 TEKS for biology. This resource features a full-color student edition organized around thematic units within a spiraling curriculum. More than 50% of the teacher’s instructional time is based on hands-on experiences, making learning fun and interesting for today’s students. In addition, research-based literacy strategies are embedded to help meet the needs of the struggling reader. This resource includes a digital component.

  • Teacher Edition—460-1505C (sample) / $300 per copy, includes an embedded copy of Student Edition
  • Student Edition—460-1506 / $80 per copy.



supporting-staar-science-biology-cover-smallsupporting-staar-science-grade-8-cover-smallsupporting-staar-science-grade-5-cover-smallSupporting STAAR Achievement in Science

Readiness support and Tier I differentiation for grades 5 and 8 and biology

This collection of classroom-ready 5 E lessons addresses the science readiness standards, which are reinforced by the supporting standards, underlying processes and skills, and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). Each lesson includes Tier I-differentiated activities to help identify where students are and support student progress toward success on STAAR. $50 per grade level.





To download a free sample, click the product ID below:


Grade 5

Grade 8 Biology
460-1783 460-1752 460-1751
















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