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Region 4 STAAR® Reading

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stellar-grade-5-cover-smallstellar-grade-6-cover-smallstellar-grade-8-cover-smallSTAAR preparation series for English Language Arts 
Each STELLAR volume consists of four units that incorporate thematically linked, multigenre texts that encourage inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection.STELLAR is carefully crafted to provide big-picture ideas in the form of essential unit questions, thematically paired passages, and assessments based on these passages.
There are five strands of instructional skills outlined in the TEKS: reading, writing, oral and written conventions, research, and listening and speaking. Additionally, the assessments measure a student’s level of performance on clearly defined Texas standards, objectives, and skills. $50 per grade level.


Available for grades 4–8 and English I–III. $50 per grade level.






Download free sample pages using the links below:


Grade 4 Grade 5  
Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
English I English II English III





STELLAR Essay Writingstellar-writing-cover-web

Explore multigenre modules linked to seamlessly align with high school writing assessments
Each module is crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection, offering added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening, and speaking. STELLAR Essay Writing provides relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and includes suggestions for extensions that support authentic writing experiences.


$100 per copy. Product ID: 501-1789







show-me-how-coverblue-501-1664-smallshow-me-how-grades-3-5-cover-501-1665-smallShow Me HowUsing Mentor Text to Guide Readers and Writers
Improving students’ comprehension of informational text and composition of expository essays
The lessons in Show Me How focus on integrating the two written language processes of reading
and writing to enhance students’ comprehension of expository texts (specifically, informational
and persuasive texts) and supporting students’ ability to produce these writing forms
independently. Key elements include the use of mentor texts to explore expository test structures. Each edition of Show Me How includes a set of mentor texts, integrated into grade-level lessons, a teacher manual, and a CD with all student materials. 


$350 per edition. Grades 3-5: 501-1665 | Grades 6-7: 501-1664






Download sample pages using the links below:


show-me-how-essays-bannerShow Me How Grades 3–5: Supplemental Essays
Expository articles on a variety of topics to support Show Me How

This resource contains 23 original essays with distinct informational text structures to provide ongoing use of Show Me How: Using Mentor Text to Guide Readers and Writers in Grades 3–5.


$50 per copy. Product ID: 501-1771.  Download a sample.






show-me-how-poetry-501-1804-front-coverShow Me How: Poetry, Grades 3–5

Deepen understanding of poetry through reading and writing
Show Me How, Poetry is next in the series focusing on connecting the interrelated roles of reading and writing in poetry. Elementary English/language arts teachers will use poetry to teach strategies and skills that students apply in their reading and writing. The sessions follow the gradual release of responsibility framework in the context of a reading and writing workshop environment. Sessions are divided into grade-level units that teachers can use as a starting point or complete unit of study. The product contains a teacher manual with 40 learner-centered lessons, instructional resources for each session, and a collection of poetry. This resource includes a digital component. Visit for details.


$125 per copy. Product ID: 501-1804.  Download a sample.






Show Me How Poetry - Workshop

November 7, 2018 - Session ID: 1356509

Learn more here.



interactive-nonfiction-kit-501-1534-cover-smallInteractive Nonfiction Kit

An introduction to the expository text features and structures

This kit is designed to inspire and encourage young readers into learning how nonfiction books are structured. Each nonfiction book, written at the second-grade reading level, spotlights several examples of nonfiction writing. Teachers receive six packs of eight nonfiction titles, a teacher’s manual supporting student engagement, and an interactive CD-ROM to review the features of each nonfiction text.


$350 per kit. Product ID: 501-1534.  Download a sample.






pathways-to-reading-comprehension-cover-501-1841Pathways to Reading Comprehension
Instructional guide of reading skills continua for teachers and interventionists
This guide provides instructional targets in the areas of phonological awareness, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It features a continuum on the development of each skill that provides guidance on where to begin instruction and how to build toward effective reading comprehension. $20 for a set of five. Product ID: 501-1841








written-comprehension-501-1922-coverWritten Comprehension in Motion
Written Comprehension in Motion can be used to determine instruction and intervention targets when working with students. For each area (mechanics, spelling, conventions, vocabulary, and composition), this resource provides a continuum on the development of each skill, which guides the educator on where to begin instruction and how to build toward effective written composition.


$25 per pack of 5. Product ID: 501-1922
























For resources in other subject areas, follow the links below:

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