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Region 4 STAAR® Mathematics

For more information about these resources, e-mail or call 713.744.6365.


407-1954d-math-staar-work-stations-vol-1-algebra407-1953d-math-staar-work-stations-vol-1-gr-8-cov407-1948d-math-staar-work-stations-vol-1-gr-4-covMathematics STAAR® Workstations Volume 1—NEW!

Mathematics STAAR® Workstations is a student-centered review resource used to address Mathematics TEKS that, based on current data, have proven challenging for students. All activities are TEKS-based and may be used to enrich Tier I instruction or as a review at the rigor outlined by the TEKS. Designed to increase student achievement, each workstation fits into a file folder, making it convenient for use on demand in small-group interventions, stations, or review sessions.


Each of the eight workstations includes the following:

  • Key questions to focus student discourse
  • Student tasks to engage learners
  • Literacy components to promote understanding and academic vocabulary
  • STAAR-formatted assessment item for practice


Mathematics STAAR® Workstations, Volume 1 is currently available for grades 3–8, and Algebra I.


This product is a digital product. To access the files following confirmation of purchase, log-in to and follow the instructions provided at the time of purchase. For questions, please contact and include your username (if applicable), title of purchased product, and purchase order number.





Closing the Distance: Mathematics

Closing the Distance, Mathematics is a data-driven intervention resource for teachers of students who may be within a few questions of meeting STAAR® standards and require additional support to close the performance gap. Closing the Distance includes ten student-centered 5E lessons. Each lesson includes a pre-assessment, instructional activities, options for small-group intervention settings, a summative assessment, and a tool to guide student self-assessment and feedback. The teacher edition is accessible in print form. Reproducible masters are accessible in digital form.


Order online using the links below:


Grade 5 Teacher Edition Student Edition Sample
Grade 8 Teacher Edition Student Edition Sample
Algebra 1 Teacher Edition Student Edition Sample




Engaging Mathematics, Volume II
Featuring formative assessment and retention support, this resource includes new activities fully aligned to the rigor of the 2012 TEKS.
The new volume of Engaging Mathematics is fully aligned to the revised 2012 mathematics TEKS and is designed to provide students with meaningful activities and problem-solving situations that can be used as warm-ups and engagement activities for teacher-developed lessons, support for retention of skills and concepts, or short formative assessments. Included are more than 90 classroom-ready activities, rigorous problem-solving situations, vocabulary development activities, and writing prompts. $50 per grade level. 
For more information, e-mail or call 713.744.8136.
* Now available for Algebra I, and in Spanish for Grades 2–5!
This Spanish version of Engaging Mathematics, Volume II, includes a Teacher’s Edition in English, a CD with reproducible masters in English, and online digital access to over 90 classroom-ready activities with reproducible masters in Spanish. 


Download sample pages by grade level using the links below:




Accelerated Intervention, Algebra I
Each module in this high school intervention series features a different focus and four lessons, with the final lesson serving as a cumulative lesson that connects the content of the previous lessons to support students as they put together pieces of understanding. 




  • Module 1: Functions and Their Representations (Sample)
  • Module 2: Describing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions (Sample)
  • Module 3: Describing and Graphing Linear Functions and Equations (Sample)
  • Module 4: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities  (Sample)

The Accelerated Intervention Algebra I series teacher edition includes teacher lesson notes and answer keys, activities to engage students as they rethink their misconceptions and deepen their understanding, focused skills practice for each lesson, and a CD containing activity masters and student pages. The student edition provides all student activity pages and is sold in sets of 30. Teacher Edition: $25 per module. Student Edition: $120 per module.





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