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Differentiated Instruction

Classroom instruction often employs a “shoot to the middle” approach in which the teacher “aims” the lesson at a level that seems accessible to the majority of students. Within that class, however, it is not unusual to find struggling learners as well as students who exceed grade-level expectations. Differentiated instruction is a philosophy educators use when planning to meet the diverse and changing needs of all students in the classroom.

See also Universal Design for Learning
Helpful Resources:
  • Layered Curriculum divides an instructional unit into 3 layers that allow the students to choose the level of depth they study.
  • Tiered Curriculum Project provides tiered lessons for grades K-12 in math, science, and language arts. The lessons are differentiated by readiness, interest, and learning styles. A rubric for examining tiered lessons is provided as well.
Registration for professional development is available on-line through the Region 4 eCatalog.
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