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Behavior/Discipline Management

Region 4 provides information, support, products and professional development to assist districts, campuses, and charter schools in the following areas:

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) - Schoolwide, Classroom and Individual interventions
  • Teacher consultation and technical assistance upon request - to assist in effectively managing student behavior in the classroom environment
  • Professional development in classroom management, emotional disturbances, behavior disorders, autism, and related disorders
  • Crisis prevention/intervention training for school personnel (provided at campus sites upon request) - to deal appropriately with behavior problems and maintain an effective instructional setting
  • Collaboration with colleagues and districts - to plan educational and behavioral programming that will allow students maximum access to the general curriculum


To view opportunities on our PD site, visit the Behavior/Discipline Management or Behavior Interventions search pages.



The Texas Behavior Support (TBS) State Conference is sponsored by the Texas Behavior Support (TBS) Network and the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The Texas Behavior Support network is designed to build capacity in Texas schools for the provision of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) to all students. The conference theme is "PBIS: Serving All Students, Support at All Tiers." Presentations from national, regional, and local experts in the field are featured as well as from campuses around the state that have demonstrated successful implementation of PBIS strategies. Click on the conference link above for more information and handouts.


Customized Training & Support

From data collection to intervention strategies, our customized services are designed to help Educators address the needs of children with challenging behavior. Our approach is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other research-based strategies proven to help reduce problem behaviors and increase learning, social, and communication skills.

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Clynita Grafenreed, Ph.D.


Shelley Garza


Chad Perry


Justin Osbourne





Participants give their take on Behavior Management of Tough Kids, a course by Dr. Bill Jenson, co-author of The Tough Kid Toolbox.

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