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Many students with disabilities and other diverse learning needs require adaptations, or changes in the learning and assessment tasks, in the general education curriculum in order to be successful. Accommodations and modifications provide students with access to the general education curriculum and classroom. Accommodations and modifications may also benefit other students in addition to students with disabilities.
The purposes of accommodations and modifications are to:
  • provide an individualized education
  • increase the student’s ability to be an active participant, to be an initiator, and to demonstrate his or her knowledge
  • assist in making the information or learning activity relevant to the student’s current and future life
  • facilitate learning
  • help to match the instructor’s teaching style to the student’s learning needs
  • maximize opportunities for reciprocal interactions between students with and without disabilities
  • provide general and special education teachers with alternative approaches to implement the general education curriculum
Region 4 offers trainings, products, and services designed to help educators plan, develop, and deliver appropriate accommodations and modifications for students with diverse learning needs. These resources help districts, campuses, and charter schools to comply with Title II, Section 2123 of NCLB, improving teachers’ knowledge of effective instructional practices.

Registration for professional development is available on-line through the Region 4 eCatalog.
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