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Upcoming Social Studies Workshops

Click the session titles below for full details and to register online. For more information, e-mail
Sessions that offer 6 hours of G/T update credit are indicated with an asterisk (*).



Region 4 Social Studies Conference (G/T Update credit optional)

January 28, 2017
Join other social studies professionals in this one-day conference exploring general, grade level, and content-specific best practices for the 21st century social studies classroom. Strands may include the major themes in social studies, instructional strategies that address the needs of all learners, differentiation, technology applications, and sound assessment. The conference will include a full day of concurrent presentations, vendor product demonstrations, and an exhibit hall.  REGISTER



No More Worksheets: Building Social Studies Skills in the Secondary Classroom

January 31, 2017
Although very content-driven, our social studies TEKS require that students master specific higher-order thinking skills, such as analyzing information, evaluating sources, and exploring visuals. Students who are able to think critically, are better prepared to complete tasks and processing activities, and master state assessments. Come fill your teacher toolbox with scaffolded, interactive, and research-based strategies to help students apply critical thinking skills to organize and use information in your Social Studies classroom.  DETAILS



*Project CRISS (Fourth Edition): Creating Independence through Student-Owned Strategies, Grades 4-12 (G/T Update Credit)

Participate in the Project CRISS national effort designed to help students in grades 4-12 read, write, and learn more effectively within the content areas. Receive the Project CRISS manual, Fourth Edition, revised 2011, which includes classroom-tested examples to actively engage students in the learning of contextual material. Participants are encouraged to register as campus or district pairs.  Click the dates below for details.



Deconstruction to Instruction: Implementation of DOK in the Social Studies Classroom

February 1, 2017

Are you looking for ways to practically implement DOK in the classroom? Now you can use the DOK process to write clear learning purposes, ask relevant questions, formatively assess, develop academic vocabulary, identify learning gaps, plan effective instruction, and create meaningful assignments. The practices and strategies that will be presented can be used in the classroom the very next day!  DETAILS



Intervention in the Social Studies Classroom

February 14, 2017

"I taught it, but they didn't get it." Intervention strategies are designed to help teachers with research-based tiered instruction in the social studies classroom. Learn how to use ongoing formative assessments to collect data in order to make decisions about how to provide immediate support for students who are struggling in the social studies class. This session will provide teachers with strategies for embedding literacy instruction, small group instruction, and appropriate scaffolding to meet the needs of individual students and make social studies content accessible to all learners.  DETAILS



*Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice (G/T Update credit)

The Congressional Medal Honor Foundation provides a flexible, cross-curricular resource, which uses the oral histories of Medal of Honor recipients. Participants will receive all the tools needed to use the Medal of Honor Character Development Program into their classrooms. The program focuses on how students can use these examples of courage, commitment, sacrifice, integrity, citizenship, and patriotism to influence change in their own communities. Middle and high school teachers from all subject areas along with counselors, coaches, and administrators are invited to attend.



Historical Inquiry Labs: Thinking Like an Amateur Historian

February 28, 2017

Historical Inquiry Labs use primary and secondary sources to promote literacy and critical thinking skills, and encourage thoughtful discussion and critical writing through historical investigations. Learn how to create TEKS-based historical inquiry labs that compel students to assume the role of historians, actively investigate the past, and answer historical questions by developing evidence-based answers. This session provides teachers with tools to help students to become practicing historians by teaching them chronological thinking, historical comprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, and historical research.  DETAILS



Exploring RLA Through the Social Studies Lens

February 28, 2017
Learn effective interdisciplinary activities that are aligned to both the RLA and Social Studies TEKS. Come join us as we model TEKS-aligned, elementary lessons that are meaningful, integrative, challenging, and active, using social studies concepts, while promoting literacy and paving the way for life-long learning and active citizenship.  DETAILS



Sheltered Instruction Techniques and Strategies in Social Studies

March 1, 2017

Sheltered instruction is a means of making content comprehensible to ELLs. Learn how to use social studies content to enhance understanding of the components of sheltered instruction by strengthening the writing of content and language objectives, and developing a tool box of content-specific strategies that address lesson planning, comprehensible input, building background knowledge, and interaction in the social studies classroom.  DETAILS



Creating a Language Rich Interactive Classroom in Social Studies

March 9, 2017

Collaborate and engage in strategies and techniques to build a language rich interactive classroom. Experience research-based strategies to assist English Language Learners in their academic vocabulary development. Examine ways to increase achievement for English Language Learners in authentic and meaningful ways. Receive step-by-step directions to implement the activities which include background information and specific examples. Plan, implement, reflect, and share strategies used to increase student learning. The resources provided contain specific strategies that will enable teachers to incorporate the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) in their classrooms.  DETAILS



5 Es Over Texas: Social Studies STAAR Preparation Grade 7

March 23, 2017

Texas, O Texas! Examine an instructional resource to address the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Texas History. This resource uses a student-centered instructional model for the Texas History classroom, as well as research-based strategies that facilitate the development of analytical thinking skills. This session will also explore how to support student success by identifying the vertical connections between grade 7 Texas History, grade 8 American History, and high school U.S. History. Participants will receive the Region 4 publication 5 Es Over Texas: Social Studies STAAR Preparation Grade 7.  DETAILS



Knocking Out the STAAR in Middle School

March 28, 2017

Reviewing for the Grade 8 Social Studies STAAR can be a very laborious task. In this session, we will discover effective ways to create an effective game plan for STAAR review, experience engaging and differentiated strategies for review, and discuss ways to use STAAR released questions to better prepare students for the STAAR assessment.  DETAILS



Knocking Out the U.S. History EOC

March 29, 2017

Reviewing for the US History EOC can be a very laborious task. In this session, we will discover effective ways to create an effective game plan for EOC review, experience engaging and differentiated strategies for review, and discuss ways to use EOC released questions to better prepare students for the EOC assessment.  DETAILS



*Social Studies Strategies for Advanced Learners (G/T Update credit)

April 4, 2017
Engaging your advanced learners in a social studies class can be difficult when there is so much content to teach. In this interactive session, we will explore quality questioning, demonstrate effective ways to improve students' critical thinking skills, explore strategies for equitable access, and share best practices.  DETAILS



A Day with Artists: Infusing the Arts into the Language Arts and Social Studies Classroom

July 14, 2017

Do your students seem to long for learning experiences that transcend rote learning? Is critical thinking challenging your highly-creative students? If so, this workshop is for you. Learn how to integrate visual and performing arts through approaches that will help students master language arts and social studies skills and content while being immersed in creative art forms. Participants will learn hands-on strategies from fine-arts experts that tap into the artistic, creative side students bring to the table, thereby motivating and engaging students who may otherwise be disconnected and disengaged in the language arts and social studies content.  DETAILS



Land and Literacy: Texas Land General Office Archives
July 17, 2017
Texas History Teachers: Learn about the scope and nature of the Texas General Land Office Archives collection. Participants will be introduced to its TEKS-connected, one-of-a-kind documents and maps, as well as ways to use them in the classroom for deeper student comprehension. Copies of archive documents and maps will be provided as well practical strategies and activities for the classroom. DETAILS



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