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Social Studies Products


Click on product images to view information on the product. Any of the products shown below can be ordered through the Region 4 Store


Embedding the ELPs With E's - Social Studies
Instructional and vocabulary-building strategies and tools for ELLs

This practical resource for the middle social studies teacher simplifies the instruction needed for ELLs to develop the social and academic language required for their success, while maintaining the integrity of the lesson content by integrating three instructional components: the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), the 5E instructional model, and the highly-effective instructional strategies identified by the Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning study led by Robert Marzano.  $50 each.


elps-social-studies-middle-school-461-1793-cover elps-social-studies-high-school-461-1581-cover
Middle School - NEW! High School
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5Es Over America—NOW AVAILABLE!

This series includes support for vital components of American history assessed on the 8th grade Social Studies STAAR.


5 Es over America provides student-centered 5E instructional activities and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress. Each section focuses on one of the four reporting categories and is aligned to Grade 5 American History TEKS, Grade 7 Texas History TEKS, and the high school US History STAAR reporting categories. High-yield instructional strategies are incorporated and include formative assessment, facilitation, and discussion questions. $50 per copy.


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5 Es over Texas
Address the Grade 7 Texas History TEKS while preparing your students for the 8th grade Social Studies STAAR.5es-over-texas-cover-web

5 Es over Texas: Social Studies STAAR Preparation for Grade 7 offers vital foundational components of Texas history standards aligned to content assessed on the Social Studies STAAR. 5 Es over Texas provides instructional activities that address all Grade 7 Texas History TEKS and multiple forms of assessment. The teacher-ready instructional plans are written in the student-centered 5E format, with full alignment to the reporting categories for grade 8 and the US History STAAR. $50 per copy.


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Chronological Table of Contents (revised April 2016)



Geography by Design

World Geography, Seamlessly Aligned to the TEKS

Region 4 presents this series of conceptually designed instructional units aligned to the Geography TEKS. These research-based, student-centered activities maximize learning opportunities for students of all abilities. Geography by Design embeds opportunities for differentiation for diverse learners and adaptation for the gifted and talented. $275 for the full six-volume set.  National Geography Standards and TEKS Correlation


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Volume 1:
Spatial Analysis 
 Physical Geography
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Volume 2:
Economic Geography 
and Development

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Volume 3:
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Geography By Design: The Human Mosaic, Volume 4
Volume 4:
The Human Mosaic
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Volume 5:
Population and Migration
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Volume 6:
Political Geography and 
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deconstructing-social-studies-461-1859-manual(1)Deconstructing Cognitive Complexity in the Social Studies Curriculum Informational Guide

Provides the information needed to deconstruct the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) using a process known as Depth of Knowledge. Learn how to critically analyze a standard to determine the skills, reasoning, and strategic thinking necessary for students to achieve mastery of an expectation through practical examples and step-by-step instructions.  Sold in sets of 5.  $25.


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Social Studies TEKS Charts: 2011 TEKS

Elementary Grades K-5: 461-1627
Middle School Grades 6-8: 461-1628
High School: WG, WH, US: 461-1629
High School: Government, Economics, Psychology, Sociology: 461-1647




Differentiation Strategies for Gifted/Advanced Students in Social Studies




Warm Up to Social Studies: TEKS-Based Engagement Activities for Grade 8



Reading to Learn in Social Studies - Grades 6-8




Reading to Learn in Social Studies - Grades 9-12




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