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Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Professional Organizations

Science TEKS Streamlining Update

The streamlined TEKS have been posted! Click the above link to read them.


*We will also post all crosswalk documents between our products and the streamlined science TEKS here.


*The streamlined science TEKS will be implemented in the 2018-19 school year.

(The 2010 TEKS still apply and will be assessed for the 2017-18 school year.)


*The goal of the streamlining process was to omit or clarify the science TEKS. 

(We will discuss the implications for deleted science TEKS once the finalized TEKS are posted to the Texas Register.)


*New materials are NOT required to teach the streamlined science TEKS.

(Because nothing new was added to the curriculum for any grade level, existing resources and materials cover 100% of the 2018-19 science TEKS.)


If you need assistance with professional development or planning for the streamlined science TEKS, please let us know. Contact us via phone at 713.744.6577 or by email at





Texas Associations

Association of Texas Professional Educators

Informal Science Education Association of Texas

Science Teachers Association of Texas

Texas Association of Biology Teachers
Texas Association for Environmental Education

Texas Science Education Leadership Association

Texas Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
Texas State Teachers Association
Texas Classroom Teachers Association


National Associations

National Education Association
National Association for Bilingual Education
National Association for Multicultural Education
National Assocation for the Education of Young Children

National Science Teachers Association

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