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Science Products

Click on product images to view information on the product. Any of the products pictured below can be ordered through the Region 4 Store. We also have all of Region 4's STAAR products (all subjects) listed in one location.
Click on the above title to easily and quickly find a list of the science products we offer, their ID numbers, ISBN numbers, descriptions, prices, and the percentage of TEKS they address.

It's a Science Free 4 All!
You asked for it. You got it! This section of the product page contains free access to some of our most requested resources we've presented at workshops, meetings, and conferences. 


Which Surface is the Most Waterproof?
Reading and language supports are built into this 
investigation where students use observation, analysis, critical thinking, and judgment to solve a problem. Download the files to create your own portable water lab. This activity was developed using the Universal Design for Learning framework to proactively differentiate the lesson for a broader student audience. Let us know how you used and/or modified the activity for your students! (Not shown: Water and small baggie with two pipettes and consumable paper samples. 

Investigation Procedures
Data Table
Scan to Listen Labels
Test Paper Labels


Creating Portable Science Activities
Did you attend this open enrollment workshop on Wednesday, February 18 at Region 4? Click below to get the kingdom classification cards in color! Available for a limited time only.


Kingdom Classification Cards (color)


TEKS RS Conference 2016

Formative Assessment in Middle School Science

Formative Assessment in High School Science


STAAR Review to Go for Science


Science STAAR Review to Go is a student-centered review resource used to address the Science TEKS that, based on current data, have proven challenging for students. All activities are TEKS-based and may be used to enrich Tier I instruction or as a review at the rigor outlined by the TEKS.


Designed to increase student achievement, each activity fits into a file folder, making these convenient for use on demand in small intervention groups, stations, or review sessions.


Each review item includes:

  • Key questions to help students focus on the topic
  • Student tasks to engage learners
  • Literacy components to promote processing and real-world connections
  • STAAR-format assessment items for practice


Grade 5 



Grade 8 







Warm Up to Science: TEKS-Based Engagement Activities Series

Warm Up to Science offers student-centered engagement activities for immediate student involvement. Scientifically-based research supports the use of this form of frequent conceptual exposure to enhance student understanding.

Activities are designed to require 5–10 minutes of class time and are written with the cognitive rigor demanded by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Students must use critical-thinking skills as they are presented with content-specific activities or with visual stimuli, including charts, graphs, and tables. Each activity may be used as an engagement for a new lesson, a method to enhance retention, and a means to support State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) preparation. Activities are grouped by STAAR reporting categories and sequenced by TEKS number and student expectation.

Each item is presented in a two-page format. In the printed version, the even-numbered pages include supportive teacher notes and activity answer keys. The odd-numbered pages include student activities that are easily photocopied for student use. 

In the digital version, links provide easy access to each student activity. Clicking forward opens the activity answer key and teacher notes.  Digital access is provided through with a user license set up at time of purchase.  Files can be projected or printed for classroom use.


Grade 4

Grade 5 


Grade 6 

Grade 8



Supporting STAAR® Achievement in Science

This resource addresses the science readiness standards, which are reinforced by the supporting standards, underlying processes and skills, and the English Language Proficiency Standards. Tier I differentiated activities help identify where students are and support student progress toward success on STAAR®

 Supporting STAAR® Achievement in Science, Grade 5

Grade 5

Lesson 5

Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science Grade 8

Grade 8

Lesson 2 

Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science for Biology


Gateways to Science, STAAR® Edition
Gateways to Science STAAR Edition, Kindergarten Kit

Gateways to Science STAAR® Edition, Grade 1, Teacher Edition
 Grade 1

Grade 2

Gateways to Science STAAR Edition for Grade 3
Grade 3

Unit 2 CBA Answer Key


Gateways to Science STAAR Edition Grade 4
Grade 4


Gateways to Science STAAR Edition Grade 5
Grade 5

Gateways to Science STAAR Edition for Grade 6
Grade 6

Gateways to Science STAAR Edition for Grade 7
Grade 7

Gateways to Science STAAR Edition for Grade 8
Grade 8

For inquiries regarding Gateways to Science, STAAR® Edition, please contact Science Solutions via phone or email at 713-744-6577 or


Gateways to Science, First Edition

*Aligned to the 2010 TEKS

Gateways to Biology

Transparency 8 from Unit 1

*Gateways to Science, TAKS Edition Correlations to 2010 TEKS
While the following documents correlate the 2010 TEKS to Gateways to Science for Grades 3-8, TAKS Editions, it should be noted that in many instances, the correlations do not mirror the spirit and rigor of the 2010 TEKS. Modifications may be necessary during the instructional planning process to ensure 100% alignment with the 2010 TEKS.
Grade 3      Grade 4      Grade 5      Grade 6      Grade 7      Grade 8     

TEKS 2010 Science Charts
Image shows 2010 Elementary Science TEKS Chart

 TEKS Elementary Science Chart 2010
Image shows 2010 Middle School Science TEKS Chart
TEKS Middle School Science Chart 2010
Image shows 2010 High School Science TEKS Chart

TEKS High School Science Chart 2010

Image shows 2010 High School Science TEKS Chart

TEKS Science Charts K-12 2010   


Reading to Learn in Science
*Aligned to 1998 TEKS, but strategies apply to 2010 TEKS as well

Grades 3-5

Reading to Learn in Science for Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Reading to Learn in Science for Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Reading to Learn in Science for Grades 9-12

Embedding the ELPS with E's: High School Science
*Aligned to the 1998 TEKS, but strategies apply to 2010 TEKS as well

Embedding the ELPS With E's for High School Science

Accelerated Curriculum for Science Grade 11 Exit TAKS™
*Aligned to 1998 TEKS
Accelerated Curriculum for Science Grade 11 Exit TAKS
Teacher Edition
Student Edition

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