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Reading/Language Arts Resources

Supporting Learning through Digital Applications - Learning 2.0
The purpose of this website is to provide suggested gratis electronic resources for students, parents, and teachers. The links are organized to align with the strands of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills with two additional categories, Presentation Aids and Professional Collaboration. Region 4 ESC is not responsible for the content of these sites or any updates or links associated with them; Region 4 ESC does not endorse any products that may be sold through associated links. While the Internet offers unique educational resources to students, parents, and teachers, supervision of students is necessary in both school and home settings.
Comprehensive resource on adolescent literacy with classroom strategies, research, books and authors, and multimedia pieces.
Arthur's PBS Kids Page
Storybook character, Arthur, provides moviemaker, games, and various print applications for children.
Site includes links to electronic texts of public domain books.
Extensive searchable database of e-texts, including Bartlett's Quotations and Strunk's Elements of Style.

Build Your Own Wild Self

Great expository tool which allows students to create their own avatars with animalistic characteristics and then explore the meaning of each feature.
Building RTI Capacity
Promotes evidence-based practices and resources to build Texas schools’ capacity for implementing Response to Intervention (RTI).
Allows students to create dynamic avatars with specific characteristics- perfect for characterization and symbolism lessons.
Dr. Seuss' Seussville
Colorful, interactive site with a user playground,including print and play and online activities tied to Seuss books.
Eric Carle Page
Author site with photo and video galleries, blog, and news and events links.
Florida Center for Reading Research
Multiple research-based resources for literacy.
Scholastic's popular series, with links for games and activities, TV/DVD, news, community, books and audio.
Jan Brett's Homepage
Author page with links to coloring pages, literature,video, media coverage, and blog.
Jon Scieszka Worldwide
Author's site with biographical information, links for "Guy's Read," news, and links to his works.
Lexile Framework
Identifies readability of texts according to the Lexile standards.
Visually represents words, color-coding them according to parts of speech in five languages.
Leveled Book Lists
Searchable site for reading levels of texts.
Allows students and teachers to join in "the world's largest book club," with blogging and file-share capabilities.
Mem Fox Books and Activities
Highlights Mem Fox's creations and supplies related student activities.

Nancy Keane's Children's Literature Page

Comprehensive site with links to booktalks, reading lists, podcasts, and publications.
Peter Rabbit's World
Beloved storybook character's webpage with links for parents and teachers, fun and games, information on Beatrix Potter, and the children's play site.

Pinky Dinky Doo

Interactive site for elementary students with podcasted stories and games.

Planet Esme

Features literature for all ages, with reading lists and suggestions for classroom implementation.
Searchable database of poetry, songs, artists, poets, and quotations.
Poetry Archive
Database of poetry with historic readings and recordings by The Poetry Foundation
Poetry Daily
Features a new poem each day with news feeds about poetry.
Poetry 180
Library of Congress site highlighting daily poetry for K-12 students.

Resource site for poets and poetry, emphasizing the history, types, and meaning of poems.

Maintained by the American Academy of Poets; searchable database of poetry.
Project Gutenberg
Free electronic texts searchable by author, book, or title.

Ralph Fletcher Books and Activities

Author and poet, Ralph Fletcher, provides applications and activities to accompany his works.
Allows for customized desktop and web browsing and removal of "visual clutter."
Reading Rockets
Links on literacy for parents, teachers, principals, and other professionals with free reading guides, and reading research information.
Offers an extensive searchable database of balanced literacy lessons with interactive features.
Signed Stories
Provides a library of interactive multimedia reads, with a sign language interpreter.
Student-friendly site which summarizes canonized literature and offers user-friendly applications.
Stephenie Meyer Resources
Renowned Twilight series author's site with embedded links and extension opportunities.
StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library
Interactive user-friendly text archives, available with English and Spanish applications.
Links to the Texas Education Agency's middle school literacy initiative, Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies.
Reading list resources, author name pronunciations, and web 2.0 links.
Texas ReadSource
Searchable repository of evidence-based instructional practices in reading.
Creates visual representations of words entered, utilizing an original graphic key of symbols.
Provides the opportunity to view over 1000 videos illustrating vocabulary, as well as creating them.
Site is rich with vocabulary-building activities and exercises.
Wacky Web Tales
Online audiovisual storytelling targeting upper elementary grades.
Winged Sandals
Source brings mythology to life with interactive animated links providing context for the classics.
Allows users to subscribe to receive a word a day via email.
Allows for cut-and-paste capabilities with chunks of text; creates visual representations of key words and concepts.
Multiple resources for translation and second language acquisition.
Popular blogging site, allowing for student writing practice and expression.
An interactive online brainstorming tool.
Many interactive lessons, including several on copyright.
Education Place Printable Graphic Organizers
Multiple printable graphic organizers for utilization in drafting.
Social networking capabilities with academic research features.
Allows students to take notes and create environments using multiple digital applications.
Site facilitates student critique of information found online.
Allows for student-created electronic graphic organizers.
Allows students to utilize visually interesting templates to create textual products.
Lulu Poetry
Poetry site with links for poetic techniques, poetic history, need help rhyming, greatest poems ever written, greatest love poems ever written, poetry RSS feeds, and publish your poetry.
Mad Glibs
Provides many textual patterns, designed to allow students to select parts of speech and enter them, as with Mad Libs.
Magnetic Poetry
Site allows for manipulation of "magnetic" word titles to compose original poems.
Merlyn's Pen
Hundreds of student exemplar texts in multiple genres with publication capabilities.
Real-time online brainstorming collaboration tool.
National Writing Project
Contains many resources and writing project ideas for teachers and students.
Creative possibilities, bringing together web-based environments.
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Full of information on elements and process of writing, including frewriting, organizing, and various genre-specific pieces.
Multiple options for teacher-to-student collaboration in the composition of persuasive works.
Purdue's Online Writing Lab
Multitude of resources on teaching writing, with style guides, grammar and mechanics tips, and links for ESL.
Rubric creation tool which includes many exemplar rubrics.
Publication possibilities for student work.
Social networking site that allows for updates up to 140 characters per "tweet."
Free tool for creating a website and blogging.
Site allows for student writing and networking through blogs.
Writing Fix
Interactive site provides writing prompts and brainstorming tools for students, as well as teacher portfolio links.
Writing Fun
Interactive site which allows students to compose in a variety of genres, applying online tips and tools.
Young Writer
Online and print magazine for students, with book reviews, a picture and link gallery, and a story of the week.
Oral and Written Conventions
Arcademic Skill Builders
Has numerous language arts games to reinforce basic grammar skills.
Online dictionary tool with a word of the day and a quote of the week, along with etymology information.
Box View API
Free tool for sharing and marking up documents online-- perfect for revising and editing lessons.
User-friendly online dictionary tool.
Dictionary Reference
Online dictionary tool with word game applications.
Platform provides an online real-time editing space.
Grammar Girl
"Quick and dirty" tips for grammar and usage presented in an interactive format.
An interactive musical grammar site in the same vein as School House Rock.
Clickable mini-lessons to reinforce understanding of grammar concepts.
Merriam-Webster Online
Many web resources for wordplay, including dictionary and thesaurus tools, online word games, and a spelling bee application.
National Punctuation Day
Multiple resources on punctuation, including resources for planning punctuation events.
Visual interactive dictionary that links to Flickr, Google, and Yahoo for illustrations of the defined word.
User may enter words into template, and get synonyms and antonyms.
Create word clouds, emphasizing key words and concepts in a graphic medium.
Many online applications with wordplay.
American Memory Project
Library of Congress site with searchable topics centered on the USA.
Online tool for creating bibliographies.
Britannica Online
Encyclopedia Britannica online with links to history and society, arts and entertainment, travel and geography, science and technology, featured videos, and animal advocacy.
Channel One
Companion site to school news broadcast, with multiple research and project links.
Social bookmarking tool with a topically searchable database of tagged sites.
Allows for online annotation and source sharing through social bookmarking.
Discovery Education
Innovative media-rich site for research and classroom integration of technology.
Flashcard Exchange
Templates for creating flashcards for online or print exchange.
Allows for research planning and organization of complex information.
Get Human
Site allows insights into direct phone numbers for hard-to-reach corporations and companies.
Global Schoolhouse
Invites online collaboration between students and teachers through shared posts on a media gallery of photos, blogs, podcasts, and videos.
Google Earth
Interactive 3D views of anywhere in the world.
Independent Investigation Method
User-friendly approach to research and inquiry.
Web-based researching tool maintained by librarians.
Noodle Tools
Online bibliography tool to construct works cited.
Provides a platform for teacher-student collaboration on research projects.
RSS News Generator
The Landmark Project's site which allows students and teachers to build subscription access to online sources through RSS feeds.
A visual search engine which formulates a composite, clickable image of the first 96 websites generated by a search.
Survey Monkey
Intuitive site allows participants to create their own surveys and chart results.
The World Factbook
The Central Intelligence Agency's site on countries across the globe.
Provides a topical list of research topics that students can expound upon and/or refine.
Online interactive encyclopedia which allows researchers to sort and prioritize reliable versus unsubstantiated information.
Listening and Speaking
Artists for Literacy
Projects incorporating music and literature, including the SIBL (Songs Inspired by Literature) Project.
Site sponsored by the Kennedy Center with a wealth of electronic links and lesson plans featuring the humanities.
Free software for sound editing and recording.
Educator and student links on multiple topics with lesson plans and searchable video archives.
Provides a platform for a personal recording studio on Apple.
Google Docs
Application allows for real-time document collaboration and sharing.
Enables download of copies of videos from sites such as YouTube.
Kid's Vid
Simple video production studio for students.
Museum of Online Museums
Features links to multiple museum collections online.
New York Times Learning Network
The education link on the New York Times with interactive features and blogging capabilities.
A text-to-speech application which connects to blogging interactivity.
Online collaborative workspaces for students and teachers.
Apple's site with tutorials for podcasting.
Allows for publication of original podcasts.
Project-Based Learning Checklists
Many rubrics and checklists for project-based instruction K-12.
Enables creation of instant screen casts through a web-based audio/video recording.
Three-dimensional virtual global community wherein communique occurs via originally created avatars.
Online webcasting, chat, and audio tool.
Storyline Online
A project sponsored by the Screen Actor's Guild, featuring SAG members reading children's books aloud.
Site dedicated to "learning about the world through photography," with a searchable database of photographs from across the globe.
Allows students to create a personal speaking avatar to read texts aloud.
Allows for cut-and-paste texts to be read aloud by a male or female voice, in English or Spanish.
Web Poster Wizard
Enables creation of web-based lessons, with rich audiovisual content.



A text-to-speech plugin compatible with Microsoft Word.
A text-to-speech application in multiple languages, with podcasting capabilities.
Presentation Aids
Enter and animate text for a three-dimensional effect.
Acronym Creator
Tool that allows for text submission; generates acronyms automatically.
Site creates animated slideshows set to selected music using images uploaded by the user.
Homepage with links to multiple Flickr and other graphic applications.
Allows for real-time online collaboration and creation of diagrams and graphics.
Allows for creation of interactive educational games, activities, and diagrams.
3D tool for storing and searching images and video on the web.
Private social and academic platform for teacher to student communication.
Enables teacher-student collaboration in web design and publishing.
Site offers free tools for creating flash-based websites.
Photo sharing and publishing site.
Allows for online collaborative painting and drawing.
Freeplay Music
Music and sound effects with user-friendly copyright.
A free music download site searchable by genre and artist.
Site enables the addition of graphics and video to online conversations.
Microsoft Teacher Templates
Free templates for educator use, including form letters, bookmarks, and power point presentations.
Enables creation of virtual classroom communities.
Movie Clips
Searchable collection of movie clips, both classic and current.
Image and photoediting software with conversion tools for online publication.
Users can create virtual "walls" and post comments.
Free photoediting and photosharing tool from Google.
User-friendly presentation tool which creates animated slideshows.
Public Broadcasting System Classroom Resources
Interactive classroom tools and links provided by PBS.
Discovery Education's puzzle generation tool.
Online quiz generation tool.
Free online interactive whiteboard, which allows you to invite members to your virtual meeting space and collaborate.
Shape Collage
Free downloadable application which auto-generates picture collages in selected or designed shape patterns.
Enables online presentation sharing and publication.
Allows for online interactive meetings, with applications to mark up websites, graphics, and brainstorming tools.
Provides tools and webhosting for creating online learning environments and courses.
Allows collaboration with annotated documents, videos, and websites.
Enables you to create a unique blog, website, or online store.



Site contains multiple annotated video clips from current and past movies.
Allows teachers to create and conduct live online classes.
Popular site which allows for self-broadcasting and online publication.
Free online file converter which allows files and website links to be converted into downloads.
Professional Collaboration
American Library Association
Homepage of the American Library Association, with links to awards and grants, conferences and events, issues and advocacy, news and press center, and professional resources.
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
Wealth of resources for educational research, public policy, conferences and events, and professional development.
Beyond the Book
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's support and networking site for educators.
Online book reviews and lists maintained by the American Library Association.
Center for Applied Special Technology
Non-profit research organization dedicated to improving learning through Universal Design for Learning.
Searchable tag-friendly database of professional articles.
College Board
Information on Advanced Placement, testing, higher education, and college admissions guidance.
User-friendly access for teacher and student blogging.
Education Week
Weekly magazine with subscribable electronic updates, covering international issues and ideas in education.
English Companion
Jim Burke's website with countless ideas for classroom-ready implementation into language arts.
International Reading Association
Global literacy organization with links for research, advocacy, conferences and events, and professional resources.
International Society for Technology in Education
Advancing the effective utilization of technology in the classroom.
Learning Forward
Focused on developing a community of life-long learners, through professional development, e-learning, and collaboration.



Professional social networking site.
Application allows for browsing and creating virtual binders to store and share multimedia information.
Site dedicated to advocacy for middle school reform, with a subscribable newsletter and online discussion board.
National Association for Bilingual Education
Devoted to representing bilingual learners and educators, with links for research, advocacy, and conferences.
National Center on Response to Intervention
RtI site which includes a library of resources, tools, and interventions.
National Center on Universal Design for Learning
Information on UDL, with links for the basics, advocacy, implementation, research, community, and news.
National Council of Teachers of English
Organization focused on the promotion of literacy and the language arts, with links to research and professional development opportunities.
National Education Agency
Parent organization for American education, with links for issues and action, tools and ideas, and grants and events.



Free intuitive webpage creation with social networking and business applications.
School Library Journal
Provides book reviews, articles, research, technology links and reviews, and featured authors' commentary.
School Library Monthly
Home to links for magazines, editorials, almanacs, blogs, and podcasts.
Free educational resources for teachers, with social networking capabilities.
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Global organization advocating for ESL and ESOL instructors and students.
Teachers TV
Free educational video clips and teacher resources.
Website for teachers with online posting, podcasting, blogging, and a searchable database of education-related videos.
Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented
Organization dedicated to advocating for the unique needs of gifted students in Texas.
Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts
Statewide organization supporting literacy through professional development and collaboration.
Texas Education Agency
Homepage for the Texas Education Agency, with links regarding funding, testing/accountability, curriculum, reports, news and events, and the ARRA.
Tim Rasinski's Homepage
Kent State professor's website with links to presentation materials and activities on various aspects of literacy, reading, and fluency.
Units by Design Big Ideas
Subscribable e-journal, with a database of ideas for unit planning and weblinks.
Vaughn Gross Center for Reading Language Arts
Research-based professional technical assistance and development for reading and language arts.
Voice of Youth Advocates library magazine for young adults.
Blogging resources for educators.
Web English Teacher
Online information source for language arts education, with a subscribable weekly newsletter.
West Houston Area Council of Teachers of English
Local literacy group with information on professional development, TEKS, and scholarships and awards, as well as an active blog.
Free online space for professional and social collaboration.

English Language Proficiency Standards
Located in the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74.4, the ELPS apply to all grade levels and all subject areas. They are designed to outline language proficiency levels and student expectations for English Language Learners (ELLs).

ELPS Overview from TEA

For additional Bilingual and ESL/EFL resources, visit Bilingual/ESL Resources.
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