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Professional Development


15th Morning – Out with Traditional Classroom Management, In with Gamification!

Classroom management is one of the many buzz words in education, but what if it was more than a buzz word? How can you manage your classroom in a way that is fun and engaging for you AND your students? Gamifying your classroom allows you to have structures and systems that effectively manage student behavior while improving engagement and classroom culture. It's fun and useful, whether you've been teaching for 1 year or 20 years. During this session you will develop your own unique system for introducing game dynamics to your classroom. Don't miss this opportunity to truly transform your classroom!


8th Morning – Using Coding to Enhance Literacy and Language Instruction

Explore how coding creates reading and writing connections and increase positive learning outcomes. Coding in the classroom develops critical thinking skills and is linked to improved problem solving and analytical reasoning. Participants in this hands-on session learn how to address both the TEKS and ELPS to further the language development of your ELLs. Teachers will walk away with practical ideas for immediate implementation of integrated technology that supports student learning.

27th Afternoon – The Power of STEAM Challenges

Integration of content and curriculum across disciplines can be difficult when the focus is often on high-stakes assessment. Experience six challenges that integrate science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), and then design STEM/STEAM challenges for your own students. Be ready to activate critical thinking and create innovative solutions in this interactive session.


4th Morning – Accommodate Special Populations with Digital Resources

TexQuest digital resources provide access to authoritative online content including articles, videos, images, and full-text nonfiction e-books, in English and Spanish. Join us for an informative and interactive session covering how these digital resources can be used to accommodate all students.

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