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Child Nutrition Reference Information


TDA Procurement Q & A


Procurement Hand Outs


Procurement AR Questions


SAMPLE Procurement Review Checklist


SAMPLE Procurment Plan Template


SAMPLE Code of Conduct


WhitePaper-Solving the Procurement Puzzle



Charter Procurement Information

Request for Proposal Draft

Vendor Contract Considerations



Community Eligibility Provision

CEP Step by Step Guide




CEP on Squaremeals

Sample Socioeconomic Information Form 


District Household Income Form


Direct Certification CE Match

DC & DV on Squaremeals




Foster Care Authorization Form (2085FC)

Squaremeals Link to 2018-2019 Applications


TEA Pre-Kindergarten Guidance for 2018 





Copy of Daily Record of Income

Program/Non Program Cost and Revenue Proportion Calculation Worksheet

Nonprogram Revenue Tool SP39-2011 



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP)

August 2011 42525_handbook_063011

August 2011 FFVP Part. Activities 

August 2011 FFVP factsheet 

Best Practices 

FFV Alphabet Snack Program 

FFV Jefferson's Monticello 

FFVP Wellness Policies 

FS Produce Handling Guide 




Always Wash Your Hands 

Always Wash Your Hands Spanish 


Checklist (Food Safety) 

Checklist (TDA_38179_FND-104_HACCP) 

Cooking Reheating Temperature Log 

Dev.-Rev. HACCP Plan 


Hand Washing Poster Elementary Girl 

How to Wash Your Hands

How to Wash Your Hands Spanish 

Process 1 Flow Chart 

Process 2 Flow Chart 

Process 3 Flow Chart 

Remember to Wash Your Hands 

Remember to Wash Your Hands Spanish 

Sample Letter to Vendor - HACCP 

Template (HACCP) 

Use a PaperTowel 

Use a PaperTowels Spanish 

Wash Your Hands 

Wash Your Hands Spanish


Updated Posters

Always Wash Your Hands

Always Wash Your Hands Spanish

How to Wash Your Hands

How to Wash Your Hands Spanish

Remember to Wash Your Hands

Remember to Wash Your Hands Spanish

Use a Paper Towel

Usea PaperTowels Spanish

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Spanish



Local Wellness Policy (LWP)

Action Steps (Developing Your LWP)

Local Wellness Policy Overview

Local Wellness Policy Rule Summary

LWP memo 2010 SP42-2011_os

NFSMI Local Wellness Policy Resources - Local Wellness Initiatives 

Menu Planning

School Breakfast Meal Pattern Guide


School Lunch Meal Pattern Guide


Grain Chart

Guide to Meeting the Whole Grain-Rich Criteria: NSLP & SBP

Menu Planning Template

Meal Pattern Breakfast & Lunch

Vegetable Sub Group


Pre-K Meal Pattern - Breakfast and Lunch


Measurement Conversion Chart


MENU Module


Are You Ready to Launch MENU Module? Quiz






Civil Rights

Online Training Link


Policy for Handling Discrimination Complaints


Discrimination Complaint Form


Civil Rights Training Script


Civil Rights Training 2017-2018


Civil Rights Training Post Test


USDA English-Spanish Nondiscrimination Statement (New 2015)




Production Records

After school snacks 

Helper Sheets Updated 12_06_12 

TDA Instructions for Completing Food Production Records

TDA Prototype Food Production Record REVISED Aug 24 15



Professional Standards

Professional Standards Summary 

USDA Professional Standards FAQs

Q&A's on Professional Standards SP39-2015 

SNA Professional Standards Learning Topics-Key Areas

Professional Standards Learning Objectives


USDA Web Based Tracking Tool



Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks in School (Brochure)

Smart Snacks Guidelines Handout 

Smart Snacks - School Meals*

Smart Snacks Calculator*

TDA - Smart Snacks*

* These links will redirect you to an external website outside of




SNP Application Packet Renewal

TX-UNPS Resources for School Nutrition Programs


Power Point Presentation


Verification Appendix


DC/DV File Format


DC/DV Trainings


Direct Verification Process Chart


Verification Reminder SY 2018-2019


Region 4 Verification Methods SY 2018-2019


Confirmation Review Waiver Sample Letter (Template)

Highlighted Verification Collection Report (SFA) 

Highlighted Verification Collection Report CEP

Highlighted Verification Collection Report RCCIs


Food Donation in Schools Tool Kit

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