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Upcoming Professional Development—Bilingual/ESL



Guided Reading in the Bilingual Classroom

February 13 | Session ID: 1323676


Title III Effective Early Childhood Instruction for the Young EL

February 14 | Session ID: 1353470


Writer's Workshop in the Bilingual Classroom


The Big Three: Teaching Word Skills, Fluency and Comprehension to Middle School Students

February 23 | Session ID: 1323695


Using Coding to Enhance Literacy and Language Instruction

March 8 | Session ID: 1338435


Reading Comprehension Strategies for Spanish Early Intervention

March 21 | Session ID: 1323679


Reading Comprehension Strategies for Spanish Literacy Development

March 28 | Session ID: 1323727


Vocabulary Development in the Bilingual Classroom

April 17 | Session ID: 1323751


Bilingual Dyslexia Assessment

April 18 | Session ID: 1326835


Transferring Spanish Literacy Skills and Knowledge into English

April 24 | Session ID: 1323754


Reader's Workshop in the Bilingual Classroom

June 6 | Session ID: 1348683


Workstations Designed with English Language Learners in Mind: A Focus on Reading

June 14 | Session ID: 1357012


Moving from Learning Letters to Learning to Read

June 15 | Session ID: 1357013


Strategies For English Learners

August 8 | Session ID: 1326928


Esperanza: A Structured Multisensory Spanish Language Program

October 15 | Session ID: 1353475





TExES Preparation: English as a Second Language Supplemental 154

March 21 | Session ID: 1356780


Title III Increasing and Strengthening Parental Outreach

March 29 | Session ID: 1353471


End-of-Year Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC): Annually Required Training 


TExES Preparation: English as a Second Language Supplemental 154

April 26 | Session ID: 1357010


Getting Parents of English Language Learners Involved in the School Culture 

June 11 | Session ID: 1324247


Title III: Using Quality Data to Drive Programmatic Decisions

July 31 | Session ID: 1354719


Assessment and Instruction: Using TELPAS Data to Improve Student Achievement

August 22 | Session ID: 1347001




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