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Weekly Updates

Weekly Update 4/11/15 RSS Feed

Weekly Update 4/11/15

Dearest Directors,
Attached is the latest Weekly Update and a story to make you smile (hopefully).
Delusions of Grandeur?
One day this week I made it home before dark and thought it would be a wonderful time to walk my precious pup, Tucker.  Also a great opportunity to try out my brand new capri pants.  They were from my favorite fashion designer—COSTCO!  Off we go….walking down the boulevard, feeling hip!  I noticed that people were noticing us a bit more than usual and I think I saw a car circle the block to come back around to pass us a second time.  What a friendly neighborhood…everyone smiling and waving.
It could be that Tucker is especially cute (and he is!)…or it could be my new designer capri pants.  I like either option!  I even go a few extra blocks just because it is all feeling so good!
When we finally get home, I go to get Tucker a treat from the treat drawer and happen to run my hand down the back of my leg.  What was that??  I must have sat on something that stuck to my pants!  I run my hand further down my leg….whatever is there is LONG!  I get the courage to contort myself around to look….and “what to my wondering eyes does appear” is an 8 inch strip of adhesive with the pant SIZE printed on it!!  The size is printed not just ONE time…but FIVE times!  I am mortified…both of the size and the public knowledge of it!
I rip it off as if that would remove it from sight of all the gawkers I had met!  How do I tell Tucker the attention wasn’t for him…but for me….and not in the good way???
I don’t even know how to turn this into a relevant lesson….except, make sure you check yourself (front and back) before heading out the door!  Even so, when you get a lot of attention….first look at your behind!
Ginger E. Gates, Ph.D.
Special Education Solutions
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