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Weekly Updates

Weekly Update 11/8/14 RSS Feed

Weekly Update 11/8/14

Dearest Directors,

Attached is your latest Weekly Update.  Note that we have a flyer attached for the Texas Disproportionality Summit, sponsored by the Texas Behavior Support (TBS) Network.  This summit will address critical issues related to school discipline, disproportionality, school climate, and PBIS. Local and national experts will discuss state and national data, explore alternatives to exclusionary discipline practices, and identify strategies that will improve the educational and behavioral outcomes for all students.
Please share this Disproportionality Summit flyer with your relevant district and campus administrators.  Thanks for your help!
Taking Time
I write to you this week from my Dad’s home in Louisiana.  He had surgery this week, so I came to check on him.  Of course, as we all tend to do, I brought my computer and tons of work.  After the appropriate amount of “support” time, I pulled out my computer to work.  Just as I am pulling up the emails, my Dad calls me in to his office where he is looking at old pictures.  For at least a year, he has been wanting me to go through them with him.  I look down at my “gillions” of emails….torn….and finally go to sit with him. 
Well…I spent the loveliest afternoon looking at photos, telling stories, and even shedding a few tears as we came across pictures of Mama!  I found myself looking at these pictures, putting myself back in that time.  I thought on several occasions, if I had only known then what was going to happen…I would have made some different decisions.  I would have spent more time enjoying the moment and less worrying about the future…more time focused on relationships than on the next task.  Part of me wishes I could go back and do some of it over…but then I remind myself that NOW is the picture I will be looking at in 10 years. I still have a chance to make this time mean something so that I don’t have regrets in the future!
My take away message is…take the time to enjoy the “here and now”!  I am putting the computer away now! --Ginger
Ginger E. Gates, Ph.D.
Special Education Solutions



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