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Weekly Updates

Weekly Update 10/13/2016 RSS Feed

Weekly Update 10/13/2016

Dearest Directors,
Attached is your latest Weekly Update.  Have an amazing weekend!
SPED Blog:
This week I was out running errands and a bumper sticker on the car in front of me caught my attention.  It said:
“Honk if you love Jesus, text while you drive if you want to see him!”
Since texting while driving is a pet peeve of mine, I thought the message was powerful (and witty!).  I pulled up next to the car to give the driver a “thumbs up”, but he didn’t notice me…he was TEXTING!!!
Bummer!  My expectations crushed!  How could he be texting when he obviously thought it was wrong?
So then I started thinking…are there times when my behavior might not align with what I say I believe in? 
  • Have I ever exceeded the speed limit though I believe in following the law?
  • Did I once neglect to pick up Tucker’s poop (when it was way up in a bush and no one could see it) though I profess to believe that dog owners should always clean up after their dogs?
Oh, my!  No bumper stickers for me!
Ginger E. Gates, Ph.D.
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