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Region 4 Mathematics Conference - Elementary Session Details

We are excited about this year's conference!  Below is a list of sessions available at this year's event (subject to change). For more information, contact  Or, save your seat and register using the link below!


Conference Registration (Grades K-5)



Grades K-5

  • The Mathematician’s Journal
  • Representing and Solving Problems, Grade 5
  • Who Knew That Math Vocabulary Could Be Fun?
  • Number Webs: Explore, Break, Create, and Wonder.
  • Mathematizing Your Staff!
  • Math Coach Must-Have Tools Turn student light bulbs into student LED bulbs.
  • Mathematizing Your School: Creating & Sharing a Love of Mathematics
  • Mathematize Your Classroom: Anchor Charts & Interactive Notebooks
  • Data Binders: Tools to Guide Mathematics Instruction
  • Math Vocabulary, Gestures, and Motion
  • Mathematics Growth Mindset
  • Get Your Guided Math On!
  • Developing Teacher Leaders in Mathematics
  • Using Reading Comprehension Strategies in Math Word Problem Solving
  • Assessments In A Snap!
  • Rotation Stations: Upgraded
  • Maximizing Math In-Class Support
  • Coaching Cycle + Co-Teaching = Teacher Growth
  • Exceptional Child: This Is How It Feels


Grades K-2

  • Empower Your Students With Mathematical Understanding
  • Getting Started with a Mathematician's Toolkit
  • Interactive Tools for the K-2 Mathematics Classroom
  • 3 Act Math Tasks in the Primary Grades
  • Repurposed with a Purpose, Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

  • A Quick Review of Addition and Subtraction, Grade 3
  • A Quick Review of Division, Grade 4
  • A Quick Review of Dividing Fractions, Grade 5
  • Representing and Solving Multiplication and Division Problems, Grade 3
  • Classifying Figures, Grade 4
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies to Support Problem Solving
  • Fractions, Fractions, Fractions!
  • Multiplication Magic - Empower Students With Mathematical Understanding
  • Escape the Classroom with Google
  • Keeping Students Engaged
  • Tips & Tools for Creating Effective Problem Solvers
  • Need to Escape?
  • Supplemental Aids - Tools to Create Super STAAR Mathematicians
  • Developing Base-Ten Brainiacs in Grades 3-4 Mathematics
  • Low Floor, High Ceiling Math Tasks
  • #GotMathWorkshop: Getting Started
  • Math STAAR Review with Movement
  • Increasing Awareness with Data, Grades 3-5
  • Repurposed with a Purpose, Grades 3-5


K-8, Algebra I, Geometry

  • Cherish Your Students with Disabilities
  • Coaching with an Impact
  • Use Hip Hop Math Songs to Excite and Empower Learners
  • Discover the Secrets of Student Motivation
  • Ed Camp for Instructional Leaders
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching: Starting the Conversation
  • Understanding the Gifted Math Student
  • Curriculum Compacting for Advanced Mathematics
  • Social and Emotional Needs of G/T Students
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