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Intervention Resources







Closing the Distance, Mathematics—COMING SOON!

This intervention series, fully aligned to the 2012 Mathematics TEKS, is designed to help students close the gap on STAAR.

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Accelerated Intervention, Algebra I

Focus learning on targeted areas of need for students who are at risk of not reaching the passing standard for the Algebra I STAAR.



Each module in the series features a different focus and four lessons, with the final lesson serving as a cumulative lesson that connects the content of the previous lessons to support students as they put together pieces of understanding. Each module is fully aligned to the revised 2012 Mathematics TEKS.

  • Module 1: Functions and Their Representations
  • Module 2: Describing Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions
  • Module 3: Describing and Graphing Linear Functions and Equations
  • Module 4: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities
$25 per teacher edition. Sets of 30 student workbooks available for $120 per module. For more information, contact



Engaging Mathematics, Volume II
Featuring formative assessment and retention support, this resource includes new activities fully aligned to the rigor of the 2012 TEKS.



The new volume of Engaging Mathematics is fully aligned to the revised 2012 Mathematics TEKS and is designed to provide students with meaningful activities and problem-solving situations that can be used as warm-ups and engagement activities for teacher-developed lessons, support for retention of skills and concepts, or short formative assessments.

Included are more than 90 classroom-ready activities, rigorous problem-solving situations, vocabulary development activities, and writing prompts. $50 per grade level. Available for grades 2–8, with Algebra I arriving soon. E-mail for more information.


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Download samples by grade level using the links below:

Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7
Grade 8







See the complete list of Mathematics resources on the Region 4 Store.



Accelerated Curriculum Series
Research-based, small-group reading programs for struggling students.



Targeted Reading Instruction (TRI) for Kindergarten is a research-based, small-group reading program for kindergarten students, addressing phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension. This program includes multisensory literacy activities, and progress monitoring tools for effective small-group instruction. TRI is the perfect complement to any existing kindergarten reading program; and is also a suitable Tier II or Tier III intervention.  ORDER ONLINE


Grade 1
Targeted Reading Intervention for First Grade is a six-week program for students who are identified as needing additional support in learning to read. The resource features twenty-one high-interest emergent readers, multisensory activities, and other materials for small-group instruction.  ORDER ONLINE


Grade 2

Accelerated Reading Curriculum for Struggling Second Graders is designed to accelerate the learning of students who are struggling with their reading. The resource contains student books, and intervention activities.  ORDER ONLINE


accelerated-curriculum-gr-5-cover-501-1797-smallGrades 3-8

Accelerated Curriculum for Struggling Readers Series (Grades 3-8) provides a comprehensive instructional program to accelerate students who are at-risk of failure or who need additional literacy support. Research confirms a significant boost in student performance after receiving instruction using this program. Attention to specific instructional components effectively transitions struggling readers to actively-engaged students who can read and comprehend text independently, promoting word-recognition strategies, vocabulary development, and reading fluency.  ORDER ONLINE



Accelerated Curriculum - Also Available in Spanish for Grades 2, 3, and 5

A six-week curriculum designed to accelerate the learning of Spanish-speaking students who are struggling with their reading. Each grade level curriculum contains teacher-ready lessons, student books, and intervention activities.  ORDER ONLINE




This STAAR preparation series for English Language Arts is available for grades 4
8 and English I–III. 


Each STELLAR volume consists of four units that incorporate thematically linked, multigenre texts that encourage inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection. STELLAR is carefully crafted to provide big-picture ideas in the form of essential unit questions, thematically paired passages, and assessments based on these passages.


There are five strands of instructional skills outlined in the TEKS: reading, writing, oral and written conventions, research, and listening and speaking. Additionally, the assessments measure a student’s level of performance on clearly defined Texas standards, objectives, and skills. $50 per grade level. 


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Grade 5 and 6 now available!


Download samples by grade level using the links below:


Grade 4 Grade 5  
Grade 6  Grade 7 Grade 8
English I English II English III







STELLAR Essay Writing
stellar-writing-cover-webExplore multigenre modules linked to seamlessly align with high school writing assessments.

Each module is crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection, offering added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening, and speaking. STELLAR Essay Writingprovides relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and includes suggestions for extensions that support authentic writing experiences. $100 per copy.

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pathways-to-reading-comprehension-cover-501-1841Pathways to Reading Comprehension

Zero in on how to develop your students’ reading skills
The Pathways to Reading Comprehension guide provides instructional targets in the areas of phonological awareness, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This guide features a continuum on the development of each skill, which provides guidance on where to begin instruction and how to build toward effective reading comprehension. Sold in sets of 5.


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Are you looking for resources in Spanish?



See the complete list of Reading and Writing resources on the Region 4 Store.






STAAR Review To Go, Science

Student-centered review resource designed to address specific TEKS standards historically proven to be the most challenging. Now available for Grades 5, 8, and Biology!
staar-review-to-go-5--8-bio0imageAll activities are TEKS-based and may be used to enrich Tier I instruction or as a review at the rigor outlined by the TEKS. Activities fit into a file folder, making them convenient for use on demand in small intervention groups, stations, or review sessions.
Each STAAR Review-To-Go item includes:
  • Key questions to help students focus on the topic
  • Student tasks to engage learners
  • Literacy components to promote processing and real-world connections
  • STAAR-format assessment items for practice
For details about this resource, e-mail
Download samples by grade level using the links below:


Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science

Close the STAAR testing gap, reach a wide range of students, and promote greater retention using the 5E method


Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science - CoverThis collection of 5E-based activities addresses the science readiness standards, which are reinforced by the supporting standards, underlying processes and tools, and the English Language Proficiency Standards. Tier I differentiated activities help identify where students are and support student progress toward success on STAAR.


For details about Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science, contact Free sample downloads, and purchasing information available using the links below.


Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science






Pocket Guide to Behavior StrategiesPocket Guide to Behavior Strategies
This spiral-bound booklet containing explanations and examples of behavior strategies is small enough to keep in a pocket yet big enough to support teachers in addressing and changing student behavior.
sped-product-cover-inclusive-strategies-741-1524Inclusive Strategies for Diverse Learners, Second Edition
Newly updated, this K-12 desk reference for curriculum accommodations and teaching methods and assessment ideas is ideal for diverse learners.
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