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Sessions and Speakers


Here's just an example of some of our presenters and sessions!




  • Monica Loas–Makerspace on the Cheap: How to Get Started
  • Tisha Poncio–Become an Organized Educator with Wakelet
  • Sphero–STEM with Sphero in the Classroom
  • Allison Gillentine–Digital
  • Monica Loas–Makerspac Feedback with Autocrat
  • Brenda Bass–How Can Coding Reimagine, Reinvigorate and Refocus Your 3rd-5th Grade Curriculum?
  • Quaver Education–The Playbook: Addressing Systemic Barriers by Championing Mental Health
  • Megan Puckett–The Mix Tape: How to Hybrid the Digital and Tactile
  • Amanda Dennard–Starting from Scratch: Learn How to Bring Scratch Coding to Your Class for Increased Engagement
More sessions . . .
  • Childhood Learning Differences, Sensory Integration and Movement Still Matter In a Digital Learning Environment
  • What if the Child Misses Phonetic Awareness Within Digital Learning? What Can You Do?
  • I’m Getting a New SMART Board!!!
  • SMART Technologies) - Spark Active Learning and Personalize Instruction with Lumio
  • Gamifying Learning Increases Retention and Scores!
  • Sailing the Six C's of Learning in the Digital Age: Preparing Students for the Uncharted Waters of the Future
  • Blended Learning: Structuring Messy Learning
  • Warming Up With Your LMS
  • The Years of Keyboarding: Getting Ready for the Online STAAR Test
  • Using Stories/Books to Support Social Emotional Learning






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