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Supporting STAAR® Achievement in Mathematics

Designed to give educators a set of tools to prepare students for the rigor of STAAR®, Region 4’s Supporting STAAR® Achievement is the best resource to help your students succeed in mathematics.

  • Focuses on the TEKS identified as readiness standards while integrating appropriate supporting standards and underlying mathematical processes and skills
  • Supports English language learners and students struggling to learn mathematics through Tier I differentiated activities
  • Supports beginning as well as experienced teachers through clear instructions and facilitation questions that focus on potential stumbling blocks for students

Download samples of specific grade-level editions here.

For more details about Supporting STAAR® Achievement in Mathematics or information about customized professional development, contact or call 713.744.8136. 

Closing the Distance: A Flexible Tutorial

In need of an intervention resource for mathematics?

Closing the Distance is a mathematics intervention resource for students who are close to demonstrating understanding of grade-level standards but need extra support to close the achievement gap, by focusing on a concept or a group of concepts that data show pose obstacles to student achievement.

Using the 5E instructional model, Closing the Distance provides the rigor needed for STAAR; keeps students engaged; and facilitates learning for a broad range of students, including English language learners and learners who are at risk of failing. For Grades 5 and 8, the learning experiences have been revised to address the full rigor of the TEKS and statewide assessments, and new learning experiences have been developed for Algebra I.  For product details, contact



Grade 5

Grade 8

Algebra I

Teacher Edition
  Teacher Edition
  Teacher Edition
Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science

This resource addresses the science readiness standards, which are reinforced by the supporting standards, underlying processes and tools, and the English Language Proficiency Standards. Tier I differentiated activities help identify where students are and support student progress toward success on STAAR.

Grade 5   Grade 8             Biology
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Upcoming Professional Development Workshop (includes a copy of the grade level resource):

For details about Supporting STAAR Achievement in Science, contact

Gateways to Science, STAAR™ Edition
5-E Instruction, Addressing 100% of the TEKS

The Gateways to Science instructional program uses the research-proven 5E instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate—in which students actively participate in learning science and integrate that knowledge into real-world understanding. Gateways to Science is the solution for science achievement.

The program creates an interactive environment for students through engaging experiences such as—
  • Hands-on lab investigations
  • Cooperative reading strategies
  • Use of science notebooks
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Questioning that promotes inquiry-based discussion; and
  • Curriculum-based assessments to measure student mastery of concepts and processes.

Gateways to Science includes detailed instructions to guide teachers, annotated answers to questions and activities, strategies for helping students organize information, materials lists, and reproducible masters.  

For more details about the Gateways to Science program and information about customized professional development, contact or call 713.744.6577.

Grade 3
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Grade 4
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Grade 5
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Grade 6
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Grade 7
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Grade 8
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Connecting the dots between reading and writing does not always come naturally to our students. The instructional activities in Show Me How focus on integrating the two written language processes of reading and writing to enhance students’ comprehension of expository texts, specifically informational and persuasive texts, and on supporting students’ ability to produce these writing forms independently. The link between the two written language processes is explicit and ongoing throughout the instruction.

Key elements include—

Use of Mentor Texts
—Instead of one-time read-aloud experiences, each mentor text is revisited multiple times as, together, teacher and student explore the characteristics and techniques used by the author. The text does double duty. Students first become familiar with the author’s content; later they concentrate more fully on the author’s techniques and style.

Expository Text Structure
—The author of an expository piece thoughtfully chooses an organizational structure that will help the reader make sense of the information presented. Some common structural patterns used in expository writing are descriptive, sequential, question and answer, problem and solution, cause and effect, time order, compare and contrast, and narrative nonfiction. The Show Me How series of lessons explores the majority of these organizational structures in both reading and writing.

Show Me How - Using Mentor Text to Guide Readers and Writers
Each edition of Show Me How includes mentor texts, a teacher manual and a CD with all student materials.

Elementary (Grades 3–5)
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Middle School (Grades 6–7)
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Upcoming Professional Development workshops
(includes a copy of the product for the corresponding grade level):

Show Me How Grades 3-5: Supplemental Essays  NEW!
This resource contains 23 original essays with distinct informational text structures that extend across grade level to provide ongoing use of the Show Me How: Using Mentor Text to Guide Readers and Writers in Grades 3, 4 and 5.  These essays can also be embedded in your current program to enhance instruction on informational text structures.  

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For more information about Show Me How and details about customized professional development, contact or call 713.744.4457. 

STAAR Preparation Series for English/Language Arts

STAAR Techniques to Engage Learners in Literacy and Academic Rigor (STELLAR) was developed as a resource for classroom teachers to use in preparing students for the STAAR assessments.  Each STELLAR volume consists of four units that incorporate thematically linked, multigenre texts that encourage inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection.

Every unit offers value-added enrichments through technology, research, and listening and speaking, while providing relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and gifted and talented students. Also included are suggestions for big ideas, skills-based vocabulary, literary extensions, and benchmark and summative assessment options to support authentic literacy experiences.

Elements of this resource include—

Value-Added ComponentsSTELLAR is carefully crafted to provide big-picture ideas in the form of essential unit questions, thematically paired passages, and assessments based on these passages. In addition to the basics, each unit contains applications for listening and speaking, research, skills-based vocabulary, technology, and project ideas. The value-added components have been developed and aligned to the most current version of the English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

Thematic InstructionSTELLAR puts forth the best practice of thematic instruction in integrated language arts. It utilizes the ELAR TEKS as its foundational document. There are five strands of instructional skills outlined in the TEKS: reading, writing, oral and written conventions, research, and listening and speaking. These skills are meant to be taught in conjunction with one another in order to help students make connections between the different literacy strands.

Assessments—The assessments in STELLAR are custom designed for Texas students. The assessments measure a student’s level of performance on clearly defined standards, objectives, and skills. Student scores will be based on test questions that have been developed and aligned to the most current version of the ELAR TEKS as well as the CCRS.

Contact for full product details.

Grade 4
      English I
      English II
      English III  NEW!
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STELLAR Essay Writing
STAAR® Techniques to Engage Learners in Literacy and Academic Rigor
STELLAR for Essay Writing English I–IV incorporates multi-genre writing opportunities linked to seamlessly align to the STAAR platform for assessments. Each module is crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection, offering added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening, and speaking. STELLAR provides relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and gifted and talented students and includes suggestions for extensions that support authentic writing experiences.  Available in the Region 4 Online Store.  

Upcoming Professional Development (includes a copy of the resource):

STELLAR Essay Writing – Best Practices that Support STAAR (English I-IV)

Geography by Design
World Geography, Seamlessly Aligned to the TEKS

Region 4 presents this series of conceptually designed instructional units aligned to the Geography TEKS. These research-based, student-centered activities maximize learning opportunities for students of all abilities. Geography by Design embeds opportunities for differentiation for diverse learners and adaptation for the gifted and talented.  


Volume 1:
Spatial Analysis and
Physical Geography

    Volume 2:
Economic Geography
and Development

  Volume 3:


For more information on the Geography by Design series, contact

5 Es over Texas
Social Studies STAAR® Preparation

5 Es over Texas Social Studies STAAR® Preparation for Grade 7 offers vital foundational components of Texas history standards aligned to content assessed on Social Studies STAAR®. 5 Es over Texas provides instructional activities and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress.

Each of the 32 instructional plans varies in duration and addresses multiple Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) items. Various sections of STAAR® are addressed, with one of the four reporting categories featured as a major focus in every instructional plan. 

5 Es over Texas
Grade 7, Teacher Edition

Download sample

For more information on 5 Es over Texas, contact

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