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About Region 4
Message from the Executive Director

Over 45 years ago, the Texas Legislature demonstrated its commitment to excellence in education by establishing regional education service centers with the purpose of helping school districts and charter schools improve student performance, operate more efficiently, and implement state initiatives.

Since then, Region 4 Education Service Center has focused on providing responsive and effective support that promotes student success and allows flexibility of resources to target the specific needs of our students and communities.

Our core values of Excellence in Service for Children are rooted in the products and services we provide. From instruction to ancillary services, we focus on helping educators solve instructional challenges, build and reinforce sustainable infrastructures, and support school leaders in their mission to provide the highest quality education to all students.

Pam Wells, Ed.D.

About Region 4 Education Service Center

Region 4 Education Service Center (Region 4) is one of 20 regional education service centers established by the Texas Legislature in 1967 to assist school districts and charter schools in improving efficiencies and student performance. Regional education service centers are nonregulatory, intermediate education units. Texas Education Code, Chapter 8, gives each school district the opportunity to voluntarily be served by and participate with a regional education service center.

Region 4 serves a seven-county area composed of 50 public school districts and 50 public charter schools, representing more than 1.1 million students, 84,000 educators, and 1,600 campuses.

Map of Region 4 (PDF)

Our Purpose and Commitment

The purpose of regional education service centers as established by the Texas Legislature is to—
  • Assist school districts in improving student performance
  • Enable school districts to operate more efficiently and economically
  • Implement initiatives as assigned by the Texas Legislature or Commissioner of Education

In fulfilling our mission set forth by the state, Region 4 commits to embodying a vision and strategic goals that guide us in our aim for excellence.

Core Purpose
Revolutionizing education to inspire and advance future generations®

Creating solutions that are the worldwide standard for educational excellence®

Strategic Goals/Quality Objectives
  • Make Every Customer a Raving Fan
  • Be Financially Self-Sufficient
  • Increase Employee and Organizational Capacity

Core Values
Excellence in Service for Children

Board of Directors

Region 4 Education Service Center is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors, seven of whom are elected by school districts’ Boards of Trustees. A nonvoting member representing charter schools is appointed by the Texas Commissioner of Education. Elected directors serve 3-year terms on a staggered basis. The Board sets policies and goals for the Service Center, and the Executive Director and Region 4 staff are responsible for ensuring that these policies and goals are met.

Mrs. Rita Drabek
representing districts in Fort Bend
and Waller Counties
Dr. Hugh Hayes
representing districts in West and
North Harris County

Mr. Andy Reyes
representing districts in Brazoria

Mrs. Carmen Moreno
representing districts in Galveston

Ms. Faye Bryant
representing districts in Central Harris
Mrs. Linda Tinnerman
representing districts in Chambers
and Liberty Counties

Mr. Rick Peebles
Assistant Secretary
representing districts in East Harris
Dr. Oner Ulvi Celepcikay
Charter Schools Member
representing Charter Schools

Region 4 Leadership

Dr. Pam Wells
Executive Director

Ms. Anna McClane
Deputy Executive Director
Division of Instructional

Mr. Bob Baker
Deputy Executive Director
Division of Support Services

Mr. Robert Zingelmann
Chief Financial Officer
Business/Operations Services

Dr. Robby McGowen
Chief Officer of
Administrative Services
View the Region 4 Organization Chart
Regional Profile

The Region 4 Board of Directors and staff are committed to the continuous improvement of all services and programs to support customer district initiatives for student achievement.

Region 4 serves a seven-county area that consists of—

  • 808 Elementary Schools

  • 224 Middle Schools

  • 66 Junior High Schools

  • 172 High Schools

  • 24 Elementary/Secondary Schools

  • 60 Alternative Instructional Units

  • 33 Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Programs

  • 37 Discipline Alternative (DAEP) Schools

Download the 2013–2014 Region 4 School Districts' Calendar.

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