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Region 4 Conferences

May 17–18, 2018
Join us for two days of federal and state funding for K-12 schools. The first day will be a federal perspective with keynote Tiffany Winters-Kesslar, Esquire from Washington D.C. based law firm, Brustein and Mansevit. Day 2 will be a state focus with Cory Green, chief grants administrator from the Texas Education Agency as the morning keynote. Conference topics include CTE, IDEA, ESSA, Title funding, and SEFA/CAFR. Participants will receive an EDGAR book.

June 4–5, 2018
The Instructional Technology Leadership Academy (ITLA) provides a unique opportunity for new or existing professionals and teams to build their capacity as leaders who support technology-enhanced instruction. During two intensive workshops provided by national speakers on Day 1, all participants will be engaged in developing their skill sets as instructional coaches and shifting their thinking regarding marketing themselves and their services to others. On Day 2, participants dive into developing their personal skill sets in the areas of instructional design and EdTech pedagogical best practices. 

June 5, 2018
Attend this one day session to hear from leading national experts about how Section 504/ADA have been interpreted by the courts through recent case law. Learn about similarities and differences among these federal laws and effective ways to identify and serve students under Section 504/ADA.  The Summer Institute: 504 Training 101 is June 4. 

Attend this two-day institute to acquire the latest information related to comprehensive and integrated evaluations of students, and promote knowledge and application of best practices in the area of student evaluation. Topics include ELL/Bilingual, autism, early childhood, reading & writing, behavior, response to intervention, communication, brain rules & school success, legal issues related to evaluation. The Summer Evaluation Pre-Institute is June 6.

June 6, 2018
Principal Symposium

Join presenter Sean Cain, author of "The Fundamental Five," for this one-day symposium for education leaders. Topics will include a variety of current issues that affect campus success. In the spirit of leading with a growth mindset, campus leaders will be provided with this symposium for their own continued learning.


June 12–13, 2018
This annual conference provides a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced level sessions from nationally invited presenters, district level Assistive Technology (AT) practitioners, and AT vendors. Additionally, an exhibit hall is available to preview the latest technologies. The Texas Assistive Technology Network provides statewide leadership for the provision of AT devices and services for special education students in public schools.

June 18, 2018
Explore the power of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) as it applies to real-world connections, creativity through collaboration, and innovation through art and engineering. Join keynote speaker Sylvia Libow Martinez co-author of "Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering the Classroom," known around the world as the "bible of the classroom movement."  Attendees will also benefit from workshop-style sessions organized by grade bands and identified by STEAM strands, allowing you to personalize your conference experience. 


Join education professionals at this Institute as we explore evidenced-based practices for creating effective learning environments for all learners. AGC Institute strands will include solutions for accessing academic content, navigating federal and state accountability systems, achieving rigourous state assessment standards, creating 21st century digital learning environments, increasing student engagement, supporting post-secondary transition, and implementing effective inclusive practices.  This year's AGC Institute will feature two post conference sessions. Learn more here

June 27–28, 2018
Build knowledge and skills for districts, campuses, and educators in the use of positive behavior supports for students. Explore the relationships among discipline, behavior management, and achievement, and identify strategies and supports to promote access to and participation in the general curriculum. Consider how culture, research, and promising practices can inform implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The TBS Administrator PreConference is June 26.


July 13, 2018
Elementary through high school counselors are invited to gather with us as we provide a day of professional learning.  Additionally, attendees will be provided the opportunity to participate in discussions related to best practices, cutting-edge research-based programs, and the latest updates from the Texas Education Agency regarding counselor roles and responsibilities.

July 17, 2018
Young children with disabilities are increasingly being included in the kindergarten classroom. This conference is about designing responsive classrooms, delivering curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of any student including those with disabilities. Participants will gain information, strategies and materials that will help them create a classroom where students with disabilities can receive specially designed instruction that supports their learning in the least restrictive environment.

July 18-19, 2018
This multi-day conference is designed to support teachers of preschoolers with disabilities in all settings.  The sessions provide opportunities for teachers to delve in depth on topics that include creating a high quality early childhood program, specialized designed instructional strategies for differentiation and providing supports in the least restrictive environment.  Participants will gain information, strategies, and materials that will support service delivery to preschoolers with disabilities in various classroom settings. 
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