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Region 4 Accountability Resources

The seven Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are foundational elements within the framework of the Texas Accountability System
developed by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Center for District and School Support. Products of evidence-based
research, their purpose is to help prioritize focus and energies to guide school improvement. Identified priorities should lead to
developing measurable goals, which in turn promote a committed team effort towards success.

To assist administrators in the support of each Critical Success Factor, Region 4 has correlated professional development sessions designed to support each factor. For more information, e-mail or call 713.744.6344.
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Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 1:

  • 2016 Accountability Update and Overview: Gain an understanding of the elementas of the Texas Accountability system.
    • TBA
  • Instructional Team Data Dig: Aanalyze assessment and accountability data through the instructional lens using a team approach.
  • TAIS 101 for Improvement Required (IR) Campuses: This is a required training for 1st year IR campuses.
    • TBA
In addition to these appraiser-centered sessions, all of Region 4’s core-subject workshops will fulfill the requirements of Critical Success Factor 1. For more information, visit to inquire directly with each department.

Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 2:
  • Engaging in TAIS to Increase the Rigor on Met Standard Campuses: This training is designed for campuses who were rated Met Standard under the Texas Accountability System.
    • TBA
  • PBMAS Overview Training: District teams are invited to this training that also provides focused work time with technical assistance built-in.
    • TBA










Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 3:
  • 4E Enlist, Educate, Empower, Evaluate: This is a 2-day training designed for the high school turnaround setting.
    • TBA
  • ESSA/EDGAR Compliance Seminar: Join us as we welcome Tiffany Winters, Esq., from the Brustein Manasevit law firm. 
  • Charter School Leadership Support Series: This is a 2-day workshop series designed for charter school leadership focusing on state and federal program compliance.
    • TBA
  • English Language Learners (ELLs) in Texas: What Administrators Need to Know: Join us as we welcome John Seidlitz who will inform current and aspiring administrators about meeting the needs of ELLs.
    • TBA
  • The Turnaround Leader’s MindsetAttend one or more of this 5-part series of sessions designed for campus and district turnaround leaders. 
    • TBA
    • Other sessions in this series include:
      • Launching and Leading a Turnaround Campaign
      • Maximizing Momentum to Drive Success
      • Prioritizing and Organizing; Actions and Goals: February 9, 2017
      • Maintaining Perspective and Focus: March 30, 2017



Upcoming workshop addressing Critical Success Factor 4:
  • L-TAT Learning Time Analysis: This service is available through a customized contract.  It provides a framework for analyzing instructional time and discovering opportunities for increasing instructional time at the campus level and determining the effectiveness of the master schedule.  A team of education specialists uses a web-based application to conduct walk-throughs and collect data related to instructional learning time.  The team then prepares a report with recommended options for implementation.  For more information, contact Richard Blair, or Danette Thornton,

Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 5:
  • Grown Locally:  Parent, Power, Community, Capacity: This service is available through a customized contract, designed to improve the systems and processes that foster parent advocacy and support for teaching and learning. Using a Harvard Graduate School parent survey, a Region 4 Accountability and Leadership specialist will facilitate the process and provide a disaggregated report. From the collected data, a half-day of professional development is designed to analyze school-specific data, understand the parent experience, identify greatest needs and develop a plan that is relevant to the parent and ready for implementation. For more information, contact Monica Aguirre,
  • Go Social: Parent Connection
  • Involvement: School, Parents, and You
  • NCLB Parental Involvement:  Written Policies to Meaningful Activities

Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 6:
  • Warming Up the Campus: A Campus Leadership Team Perspective
  • Warming Up the Classroom Climate: Teacher Behaviors to Promote Positive Classroom Climate
    • TBA

Upcoming workshops addressing Critical Success Factor 7:
  • POD3: Peer Observation through Data-Driven Dialogue: Improve the quality of your observations and support teacher growth and development.
  • Behavior-Based Interviewing (BBI): Improve the quality of your interviews to ensure that there is a good match between the district/campus and the skills of the potential staff member in improving outcomes for all students.
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