Session Information

General Session Presenters for the 2018 AGC Summer Institute: 
June 19, 2018



Thomas Armstrong



Positive Niche Construction

Dr. Thomas Armstrong and his book "Neurodiversity in the Classroom" was recently featured in ASCD's Education Leadership. Dr. Armstrong suggests that we need to change the paradigm we use to help students receiving special education services by shifting from a “disability paradigm” to a “diversity paradigm.” You will receive a copy of Dr. Armstrong's "Neurodiversity in the Classroom" and his newest book, "The Myth of the ADHD Child: 101 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion."


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June 20, 2018



Liz Berquist

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the Classroom: Practical Applications for Reaching Every Learner

Join Dr. Elizabeth Berquist as she provides an overview of UDL and how this curriculum design framework supports learning environments that are responsive to the vast diversity of learners in our classrooms. You will leave with an understanding of the what, why and how of UDL. Participants will receive Dr. Berquist’s book “UDL: Moving from Exploration to Integration” and “UDL Now!: A Teacher's Guide to Applying Universal Design for Learning in Today's Classrooms” by Dr. Katie Novak.


Two videos that CAST created:


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2018 AGC Summer Institute Post-Conference Options: 


June 21, 2018



Katie Novak

Universally Designed Leadership

Join special presenter, Dr. Katie Novak, in our post-conference session designed for campus and district leaders interested in UDL implementation. Participants will learn the basics of UDL and how universally designed leadership practices result in systems for successful UDL implementation. Participants will receive Dr. Katie Novak's book "Universally Designed Leadership: Applying UDL to Systems and Schools."


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June 21, 2018



Dr. Vickie Mitchell

Transition for Postsecondary Success

Senate Bill 748 updated the transition requirements in Texas that will take effect in the 2018-2019 school year. Do you have all the tools you need to prepare for the changes? Join Dr. Vickie Mitchell and other transition leaders to learn more about how to prepare for these updates to transition and lead the conversation in your district to make the transition to postsecondary life a SUCCESS!


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