2019 Post Conference


July 11, 2019

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Alan Coulter, Ph.D.

Dr. Coulter is director of the Education Initiatives at the Human Development Center at Louisiana State University as well as director of the Teams Intervening Early to Reach All Students (TIERS) group that assists in implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and response to intervention (RtI). He is a key participant in the national discussion regarding results-driven
accountability and focused monitoring.


Session information:

Getting Better: Refining a Culture of Improvement in Your School Discover the most essential element of improving results within a school or district—the elephant in the room that school reform and MTSS often neglects—the school’s culture. Then, examine operational concepts that can be used to assess the current culture and microinterventions that can be employed to achieve measurable improvements.

Just 4 Things: Adding to the School Leader’s ToolBox
Explore four evidence-based factors that can be addressed to improve results. Each factor is
measurable and amenable to change and improvement by employing an intervention with
fidelity. Learn how to self-assess and plan improvements.




David Hodgins, J.D.

David Hodgins is an attorney at Thompson & Horton LLP. He represents and counsels public school districts and other governmental entities concerning all areas of education and government and is a frequent speaker regarding education law issues at the state and national level.

Session information:
Gain the latest legislative updates, including recent case law rulings in the area of FAPE and LRE as well as an update on the impact of Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District.

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